Oh my goodness, people, I did not think that this day would ever come, but it is here. The last day of work, for 17 glorious days--and our Fridays are always half days, so as of 1:15 today I will be footloose and kid-free (see what I did there?? :). I'll come back to work and it will be an entirely different month.

Now all that is on my agenda are the following:

-Give Cooper a bath and take him to my parents' house where he will surely be spoiled beyond belief (and love every second of it)
-See Hunger Games
-Try and avoid my roommate when I am actually at my apartment this weekend
-Figure out how to pack a week's worth of clothes for Jamaica into my carry on (this might sound impossible, but I DID do long distance for 2 years and I am QUITE the good carry-on packer--plus, all I really need are some bikinis and sunscreen right??) :)
-Get all of the paperwork and travel stuff in order for our trip
-Make sure MG isn't terribly hungover from the bachelor party weekend he is going to (God help him and his liver....lol)...and if he is, be thankful that it's not me haha

I have a great group of girls to guest post for me while I'm gone next week, so be sure to come by and check them out!

I will apologize in advance that I'm going to be adding the "captcha" option to comments while I'm gone so that I dont have to approve comments.  Since I have been getting a ton of spam comment posts lately, I don't want those to overtake everything on here. So, I apologize--I know that captchas suck....please don't let that stop you from commenting! (They will disappear once I get back from Jamaica, I promise!)

In the meantime, I will be daydreaming about:


And the fact that I get to go with this guy makes it even better:
(look forward to more pics just like this after we return!)

I hope you all have beautiful, relaxing weekends, a fantastic next week, and I look forward to sharing all of the vacation adventures with you upon my return!!


  1. YAY! You lucky girl!! I bet you are counting the minutes until 1:00 today! You guys are going to have SO much fun:) Can't wait to hear the details and see the pics! Oh yea....and Happy Hunger Games!:)

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT CAPTCHA!!!! say it ain't sooo!!!

    Yay guest posts!

    Yay Jamacia!

    YAY for packing me in your carryon ;)!


  3. Have fun girl! We will miss you!! xoxox

  4. Ahhh I'm so jealous this week is your vacation! I'm heading to Mexico for mine but it's not until APRIL! Take lots of photos of the beach and ocean that you can post so I can make it through the next few weeks with a glimmer of hope that I will make it!


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