To Quinoa or Not to Quinoa?

Or, maybe I should have titled this post, "quin-whaaaat?" (get it? get it??)

So, I've noticed a TON of people talking about this funny thing called "quinoa" (pronounced, from what I can tell as "Keen-wahh"--now do you get my joke above?? :) and seen tons of recipes from folks that include it. Usually in place of pasta or rice.

I had heard of it a while back from my mom, but didn't pay too much attention to it. And then all over the blog scene and Pinterest these recipes keep popping up. And now I am intrigued.

I've found yummy things, for example:
Quinoa Mac and Cheese

Weight Watchers Quinoa and Apple Breakfast "cereal" 
Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Mac and Cheese
(can you tell that I like Mac and Cheese? hehe)

Shrimp and Quinoa Salad

Quinoa "Burger"

And I know one of you who I follow (and apparently I can't remember who it was) had one post about a ton of quinoa things that you had made that all looked really tasty!

So....I am thinking that I need to get on the bandwagon and try this little guy out. Apparently there are many advantages to it, some of which include:
  • it's allllll protein ("has 9 essential amino acids that are required by the body as building blocks for muscles"  --(taken from BodyEcology Website)
  • it's got fiber fiber fiber!
  • it's easily digested (for some reason the "Activiaaaaaa" jingle just popped into my head)
  • According to the BodyEcology website, it also might be effective in treating and/or preventing artherosclerosis (say what?), breast cancer, diabetes and insulin resistance (BodyEcology)
Apparently there are a butt-ton of other reasons why quinoa is the shizz, too. Dang,  I had no idea!!

Alright, so I guess the answer to my blog title is: To Quinoa!

Anyone had any experience with it? Is it yummy? Is it easy to make? Hook a blogger up and fill me in!!

Happy quinoa'ing!!


  1. You've read my mind with this post!! Thanks for teaching me how to pronounce it too - haha I was saying it SOO wrong! I wanted to try these parmesan quinoa cake things - hmmm let me know how it goes! What aisle do we buy it in? The rice aisle?

  2. I thought it was pronounced KEEN-O for the longest time...


    looks yummy!


  3. The things I have made have been delicious. I am already on my second batch of the Apple Breakfast cereal.

    Be sure you either buy pre-rinsed quinoa or you soak and rinse it yourself before cooking (in which case you will feed a fine/mesh strainer because it is so small) Otherwise it can taste a little bitter.

  4. I've really wanted to try it but haven't quite jumped on it yet! Someday, I definitely want to. You'll just have to let us know if you do make some meals with it! :)

  5. QUINOA is one of my FAVORITE THINGS!! I eat it seriously at least 5 days a week! LOVE IT!!!


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