Fun Photo Friday

It's Fridayyyyyyy! Woooohooooo! Another week at work survived, and more importantly, the first week back from vacation was survived. A few jeans days/spirit week definitely helped to make it an easier transition back!

I'm busy testing kids and getting ready for our state testing situation, so I don't have a ton of very interesting things to write about today (sad face), but I knew I had enough time to participate in Fun Photo Friday over at Page: Twenty Two.

Page: Twenty-Two

Since it's my first week back, and there have been lots of questions surrounding how the spring break was, and what I did, I have been reminiscing about (and desperately wishing I was back in) Jamaica. So, for my Fun Photo, I bring you one of my favorite shots from MG's and my trip to Jamaica, which may or may not be the background on my computer screen! makes me desperate for warm breezes and tropical drinks just looking at it!

And now, I must depart back to work. Boo!

Oh, but before I go, don't forget that Trish and I are hosting our link-up starting next Thursday (the 19th) for Thirsty Thursdays: Happy Hour, so come by and link up with us and share!

Have a happy weekend!!!


  1. I LOVE this picture!!! I can just feel the warm, Jamaica breeze:) Happy Friday, girl!

  2. Such a great picture. I love Jamaica! Sounds like a fun link up!! Who doesn't love happy hour.

  3. What a gorgeous pic! That is definitely frame-able! Glad you had fun :)


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