Confessions Friday

I confess that....'s Friday, and I LOOOOOOOOVE it! Long weekend, travelling for a wedding, festivities, pool time, extra day off....hollaaaaaaaaaaa. I can't wait to bust outta work today!

.....I was extremely a little jealous when getting on the metro at 7am this morning, of all of the people who were NOT at the metro station who normally are. Lucky ducks! Why can't I be one of the lucky people who doesn't have to work today? Wah!

.....I got some potentially good news last night. I don't want to jinx anything, but hopefully I'll be able to share with you guys on here soonish! #Fingerscrossed!

.....I'm still bitter that I've busted my hump at my job, especially the last few months, trying to get us all caught up on testing and things, only to have their stupidity screw up my vacation plans with MG. BOO! Pouty face for reals.

.....the humidity in the air REALLY need to hit the road. I'm sick of looking like Monica on Friends:
Ok maybe it's not THAT bad....but thats how it feels. Pooey! Come on, low humidity! made me smile yesterday when we went to a work happy hour with MG's coworkers (who I was meeting for the first time), and when we were about to leave, one of his bosses said to me, "MG is a good guy. I've worked with a lot of guys for a long time in my life. He's a good one" and continued on to tell me how glad they are to have him in their office. So nice to know that they recognize what a great person he is professionally and personally.  #rockstarboyfriend :) of MG's bosses was quiiiiiiiiiiite attractive, lol. It made it even funnier when I met him cuz I had been picturing him as a 50-60 year old dude. Not a very attractive late 30's.  (I told MG of my "impressions"---luckily he didn't seem to mind haha) roommate has been gone all week and it has been the most comfortable I've been at my apartment in a long time! 

....I love how much my dude loves my pup, and how much Coop loves MG back (I hope MG doesn't see this or he might kill me for posting it....buuuuuut I don't care! muahaha):

Have a happy LONG weekend, peeps!!


  1. Awwww presh pressh coopaloop!!!

    So funny about the boss, aren't random impressions weird!?!?1


  2. LOVE your blog, I just started following. Thirsty Thursdays and Friday Confessions are great! My hair is ridiculous lately too, it's been humid and rainy nonstop and I don't think I've worn it down all week.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. My boyfriend feeds my dog when I sleep late. but, I can't imagine him ever holding him.

  4. That pic of your man and pup is SOOO cute! I love it! I wish I had today off too:( We can suffer through the day together haha.

  5. I felt the SAME way this morning on the way to work! My only consolation was that traffic was much much lighter so I wasn't as grouchy and had time to stop for coffee before work :) Hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend!

  6. Oh how I miss the humidity of Maryland!! I grew up there and always hated how humid it would get. Then I moved to Florida and now I live in Alabama and I long for the days of having that type of weather. It doesn't make it any better for you, but trust me it could get worse. Get our your anti-frizz stuff and fight it full force girl :)

    Happy weekend!!!!

  7. I feel you and the humidity, girl. It's bad. :/ What an adorable pic of your man and puppy!! :)


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