I will never be a professional painter....

MG and I finally finished up painting the dining room, and started and finished painting the living room.

Things that I have learned while being a novice painter:
1) I should not quit my day job
2) Putting painters tape on ceilings and walls makes me lose my vision
3) Don't leave painter's tape up for a long time cuz when you pull it off, the paint comes with it (and then you end up smacking your head and getting angry)
4) Painting while recovering from a hangover makes it really interesting when you're going up and down a step ladder
5) Make sure that a Home Depot or other hardware/paint supply store is close by because you WILL make 900 million trips to this place in the span of one project.
6) Buy the thicker painter's tape (2" wide versus 1.5")....your roller brush is thicker than the 1.5" tape and you will end up painting the ceiling, despite having the tape there for that purpose. 
Ask me how I know this.
7) Make sure your over-curious dog is far away from the paint supplies
8) MG and I make a pretty good home improvement team, despite the above obstacles
9) Seriously, don't quit my day job

Overall, the project has been a success, especially since neither MG or I have ever really painted a room inside before. Considering that we did the painting this weekend when we were both extremely tired from our friends' wedding weekend (more on that in another post), we did a pretty good job. When we told our friends yesterday that we painted when we got back into town on Sunday afternoon, we were met with resounding "I dont know how you did it" 's since everyone was in recovery mode for most of the day.

Here's the finished product of the dining room:

Here's the before of the living room (I remembered to take a pic as I was taping off the room):

And the after:

We still had a couple of picture frames to hang up, but the paint wasn't dry yet when I took the pic. Overall, the place looks fab! It feels SO much more homey and comfy than it did before. MG even gave me full credit for how awesome the green color turned out since I had picked it.  His friends gave me all of the credit in general, since it took my prompting and moving in to get him to paint the place at all haha.

It really is feeling like "our" place, and I'm really excited. 

MG said the sweetest thing to me this weekend while we were at our friends' wedding:
"I can't wait for you to move in. On the nights when you're not there, I don't know what to do with myself, and I miss you"

<3 Heart. Melt. Swoon. <3

What do you think of the rooms? Did we do ok for our first amateur painting expedition?

Up next: the bedroom!!


  1. The place looks fabulous love! Can't wait to come over for drinks ;)!


  2. I think it looks great!! I love that minty color in the living room. I could never be a painter lol.

  3. The place is coming along great! Awesome job. And, that MG is a sweet man. Very nice thing to say!

  4. aw, yay! i think it looks awesome!

  5. It looks great! I don't mind painting so long as it's easy! lol

  6. The rooms look great!! I think painting is a great way to turn his place into both of your place!


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