Friday Confessions

Oh Holy Moses, I am SO flippin excited that it's FINALLY Friday. Not only did yesterday start out feeling like a Friday, it ended feeling the same way which totally did not put me in the mindset to wake up and do another day of work!

But, now that it's here, I can let you in on a few of my confessions with Leslie at A Blonde Amibition:

I confess that...

.....I really like the Justin Bieber song 'Boyfriend'....and I'm slightly ashamed to admit it. My friend Trish pointed out that it sounds a lot like Justin Timberlake, which would explain why me likey! annoys the bajeebus out of me when people sing to themselves on the metro or in other places where you are confined and can't escape. And these people are  inevitably those who should not ever be heard singing in the first place. I know YOU can't hear yourself, but the rest of us can....! The joys of commuting...

....I might be coming to visit Austin, TX in a few weeks (early June-ish)...I'll have more details soon, but all of you Austin peeps, look out for me!!

....we got another jeans day at work today and it makes me endlessly happy #littlethingsinlife

....since starting to read 50 Shades of Grey, I felt incredibly awkward knowing my mom was potentially going to read it (she's heard the hype about it and wanted to know what the big deal was). I promptly emailed and told her that it was dirty. She then emailed me back letting me know that Amazon has a return policy for e-books, so if I don't like it I should look into returning it (ever the concerned mom). "No no's fine for ME, I just don't want YOU to read that filth" haha.
 I think I dissuaded her...phew....

....the support I get from the blog world continues to amaze me. Sometimes having people share their own stories in relation to what you're going through just makes things make more sense. I continue to be astounded by just how many awesome people have come into my life because of this blog.

.....I was a tiny bit disappointed when I found out there would be no trips to get lobster mac and cheese this time up in Philly b/c MG's brother-in-law's extended family(did you follow that?) is having a dinner and invited everyone over. Is it sad that I was disappointed? Probably. But you haven't had that lobster mac! haha

.....I can't wait to move in with MG :)

I'm off to get my work done and head home so we can leave for Phillayyyyy!
Catch you peeps on Monday!


  1. Have so much fun this weekend!

  2. You should never be ashamed about loving the Biebz. haha Trashy pop music is my guilty pleasure and he ranks high on this list of my favorites.

  3. WOOOHOOO trip yay!

    I heart the boyfriend song tooo!


  4. Hahahaha I love how your mom wanted you to return the book - it really is filthy - sometimes I read passages to Mike and he shakes his head and says "you are basically reading porn!" its great though LOL Happy Friday!

  5. I like the boyfriend song too! I'm not a "Bieber fan", but that song is catchy ;) I'm becoming scared to read those books. Haha. We are glad to have your support in blogland, too. xo

  6. Haha I just read 50 Shades a few weeks ago and my mom is reading it now... and it makes me a little uncomfortable too!


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