Thirsty Thursday #4

Soooo glad that it's Thursday because it means we're one day closer to the weekend, and also because it's time for another round of Thirty Thursday, hosted by myself and the amazeballs Trish!

You can share drinks, stories, meet old friends and new! So, what are you waiting for? :)

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What are we drinking today?

What you need: 

-3 oz. Sutter Home Moscato 
-1 oz. Vanilla vodka
-1 oz. strawberry soda
-Garnish with a strawberry

Shake Moscato and vanilla vodka with ice.
Pour into your favorite cocktail glass, top with strawberry soda. Garnish with a strawberry and raise a glass to your girls!
I dunno about you all, but that looks super easy, and like the perfect drink, anytime, but especially for a girl's night in....or a happy hour!!

So now that we know what we're drinking....

What's on your mind?

As of today, there are 23 more days left of school (aka work) and I can not wait to be done with this school year, and hopefully this school (come on, new job!!). I have a running countdown on my whiteboard in my office as we speak. I think once we hit Memorial Day weekend, it will all happen super fast!

The Weekend
As you may have read in my post the other day, MG and I are making our way up to Philly this weekend. I'll be leaving work early on Friday (yay!) and we're gonna head up so that we can hopefully see his niece, who is 8, in a play with a bunch of high schoolers. She sings in a bunch of solos which is a big deal...esp since she is 8! The kids were all excited that we are coming and I'm looking forward to seeing all of them. We'll probably try and catch a Phillies game on Saturday and who knows what else! Maybe stop at that delish restaurant we went to last time and get myself some more lobster mac and cheese! Mmmmm! 

Have you ever had a friend that you've had in your life for a long time? Like, almost as long as you can remember (or so it feels like), and then it seems like you don't, all of a sudden? Either because of life circumstances (being busy, work, etc) or because of something that happened that hurt one's feelings, or any number of things? I'm in a situation similar to this and I can't help but be sad. I feel like I've lost a friend who has been a big part of my life for over a decade. There were hurt feelings, but nothing that seemed insurmountable with some communication, and then there was no communication at all. It makes me feel like our relationship means/meant nothing, and it bothers me. This is a girl who would have for sure been in my wedding party whenever I got married. I guess I'm just unsure of how to deal with this. And it totally bums me out.

50 Shades of Grey
I've heard the hype. I'm sure you have, too. I looked into some reviews and saw some less than stellar ones, mainly about the author's writing style and I was put off by it. A few weeks later I saw a few more people on the blogs talking about how the love story (minus the weird kinky stuff) is a good one, and since I forgot what the reviews had said about the author's writing style (another instance of my forgetfulness....remember my wallet??) I figured I'd give it a whirl now that I'm done with Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (which I thought was just okay). So far I've gotten to the first "juicy" scenes (no pun intended) and no really kinky stuff...(but the tie on the front cover makes more sense now!) I'm just trying to prepare myself for it. I had heard that the book is helping to save a lot of marriages, and as of now, I'm not sure why. Other than maybe it gets the ladies all hot and bothered? I have no idea. I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm done!

String Cheese
Dang I love that stuff...can't get enough of it! :)

I saw this video posted on Life of Meg's blog yesterday and it is SO good. Love it.

Sums up how I feel about many things and people in my life ....

I guess it's time for me to leave our virtual happy hour and get back to work! Looking forward to seeing you all again next week so we can catch up!


  1. Woohoo summer and weekend trip!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaay bummer about your friend, maybe she just needs more time to get over herself. Harumph, don't like you beeing bummed!

    let me know about the boookie ;)


  2. cute post today!
    i hope you have a nice weekend, find a new job and embrace all the good friends you currently have in your life.
    all by 5pm today :) jk.
    Luv ya!

  3. Haha I love how string cheese gets its own subject at Happy Hour:)

  4. Have an amazing time in Philly!

    Losing friends can be hard but I always have the attitude that if you're meant to be friends, you'll reconnect...whether it be in 6 months or 6 years. My best friend from elementary school recently relocated down here. We hadn't spoken in 10 years but when we got together for the first time, it was like we'd never stopped being friends! I hope you and your friend are able to reconnect as well.

  5. That drink looks oh so yummy!
    I hope things work out for you and your friend...I've come to find with my BFF since birth that once we pass a rough spot (we've been known to not speak for months, we didn't speak for most of 2010 and I was not in her wedding that year) we move on and pick up right where we left the good times.
    And I love this version of 'I Won't Give Up'! Thanks for sharing!

  6. ooo that looks yummy! i might have to try that! im a huge bloody mary fan! i just lovem em extra spicy!

    Im currently having a Moroccan Oil Hair Products Giveaway on my blog! You should check it out if you haven't already!

    xo Kelly

  7. i really wanna read 50 shades of grey!

  8. Have fun in Philly! I hadn't heard of 50 Shades of Gray until now - maybe I'll check it out.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I had a very similar thing happen with one of my very best friends from high school. We're not friends anymore (and now that I am over the initial shock I see that it is for the better) - still, I hope that your situation works out for the best as well. Whatever is meant to happen will work out!!


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