My Weekend (and I'm a Moron)

Hey people....happy Monday! I dunno about you all, but I'm feeling a teeny bit groggy this morning and this morning I can't blame it on the weather since it was clear skies and coolish temperatures when I got up and left the house today.

Anywho, my weekend was pretty low key. Friday night MG and I went out with a couple friend of ours and had pizza at a local place called Fireworks. Their pizza is SO good...we may have overindulged just a smidgy! Since the weather was nice we sat outside during dinner and decided to go to Rooftop Bar afterwards for some after dinner beverages. After hanging for a while, soaking up the nice night, we called it quits and headed home.

The next morning we both awoke to semi-hangovers and MG got a phone call around 745 from work telling him he needed to go in and check on something. He hurried in, and the longer I sat around waiting for him (since I couldn't go back to sleep), the worse I felt. He finally got home and said he was starving so he started making us breakfast. This was around 9:30. Our bedroom set was supposed to be delivered between 10-1 that day.Well, who calls and says they are here at 9:40? The furniture guys.

We hadn't eaten yet, we hadn't cleaned up the room/moved things out of there. Basically it was a big cluster-F! As we're getting stuff moved around and whatnot, I go to get my purse to get money out to tip the guys. What do I find? That my wallet is NOT THERE......yes, again.

My dumb butt legit left it in the cab the night before. AGAIN. (I think it's the big man upstairs' way of telling me I shouldn't pay for cabs......definitely not that I need to be less of a dummy! haha). The funny/stupid thing is, on the way TO the restaurant, I almost did the exact same thing when we were paying for the cab! So, at that point, I am totally pissed at myself for doing this AGAIN. I had literally just had the same damn thing happen like 3 weeks ago. I almost didn't even write about this on the blog because I didn't want you all to think I am a complete moron (which I am), but I had to because...

There are GOOD people out there. I got a call around noon from my apartment complex's office saying that someone had dropped off my wallet for me and they would hold onto it for me til I could come get it. MG drove me over on our way out to get some lunch and I was preparing myself for none of the cash to be in there, my credit cards gone, etc. I got it and EVERYTHING was still in there: credit cards, cash and all. I'm guessing the cab driver drove it by that morning since he was a local cabbie. I wish I remembered the cab company's name so I could call and tell them what a nice thing he did, but I don't remember it. :( I am just glad that there are still people out there who are kind and do the right thing. Even when I do stupid things like this.

I'm looking into getting some kind of a clip or something so I'm not such an idiot in the future. Try not to judge me. I am fully aware that I'm a bonehead haha.

On another note, the bedroom set looks awesome in the room! It looks like adults actually live/sleep there now! :) The only picture I took of anything was this one:
Cooper was so kind and offered to test out the set for us--seemed like he liked what was going on! :)
You can kinda see the headboard and the nightstand in this one. I'll try and remember to take a picture of it all together at some point in case you're curious.

Later that evening, MG left for the stupid work trip that came up last minute, so I saw him off, and hung out at his place for the rest of the night. Sunday I spent the day with my parents since we wont be here next weekend for actual Mother's Day (don't forget to get your momma's some presents!) which was really nice. I headed back to MG's (to avoid psycho roommate) and settled in for the night.

I plan to stay there again tonight since he doesn't get back until Tuesday, but I think I'm gonna get some groceries and set up the crock pot in the morning so when MG gets home from work on Tuesday night, he'll have a nice meal waiting for him! It's this recipe I saw on Pinterest called Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili that we've made before and both raved over. (The picture doesn't do it justice....and ours was a lot less soupy than this picture shows).  You can eat it alone or put it into tortillas for taco/burrito like things. I think MG will be happy not to have to worry about getting groceries or cooking after travelling for three days.

I hope you all had less bone-headed weekends than I did and are ready to take on the week!
Catch ya on the flip side!!


  1. What a nice cab driver!! Maybe you need to make yourself a magnet and stick your wallet to your leg or something? haha

    That chili looks amazing too!

  2. What a sweet cab driver, so nice of him! Glad there are still good people in the world.

    I love fireworks, great pizza!

    Wanna make dinner for me?!?!

  3. That is great that you got your wallet back - and also everything inside it!! It is great to know that there are people out there who do good things like that.

    And I am definitely going to check out that crockpot recipe - looks so yummy!!

  4. I'm happy to hear that you got your wallet back! I've lost my cards before and it is the absolute worst.

    Thanks for sharing that crock pot recipe...I love making crock pot meals so I'm going to have to give that a try!

  5. It's always refreshing to know that there are good people out there. :)

  6. seriously, you and MG need to visit restaurants other than pizza places. and i that pic of coop made me laugh.

    1. We DO go to restaurants. We also love pizza...and visit those places regularly, muahaha :)

  7. I love hearing good stories about nice people!! I'm glad you got your wallet back!! And that chicken chili looks amazeballs. For real.

  8. That is EXACTLY why I only take a small wallet with id, cash, and one card out with me AND I left my camera at the hotel the other night...I totally would have lost it. I also have a few little wallet/iphone-holder-wristlets. Then EVERYTHING is attached to me! When I was in college I always lost my little make up bag. That used to piss me off.


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