Roommate from Hades....part 65939247493

Well....the roommate situation has come to a head. I had emptied out the shelves to my bookshelves in the living room in preparation to sell them (given, I didn't notify her that this is my plan but a....we don't talk, and b....she didn't tell me when she listed her room on craigslist in October, so I didn't feel too bad).
I came home from the weekend to find that she had taken it upon herself to decorate the bookshelves with pictures of her and her family and friends, and various knick knacks.

And a fish bowl. With a fish in it:
It's the perfect height for Cooper to sniff him out/knock it over. (Did I mention she's smart?)

This is about what she looked like when
I opened the door....
I came home from work to find that she had moved my picture frame (again), and drank more of my water bottles as well as some of the beer that I had in the fridge. So I left a note on her door asking her to replace them and to ask before she helped herself to things (aren't I a B?)

When she got home, she knocked on my door and said we needed to talk since things were "awkward." And then she told me that I'm passive aggressive (hmmm, by ignoring you??), and that she has felt uncomfortable in the apartment since she moved in (really? is that why we went to happy hours when you moved in and you repeatedly invited me out with your sister? and only got weird when I started dating MG?). 

She then asked "Did you leave that frame out {the one about rude people} to remind YOURSELF to me nice, or was it directed at me?" and I said "No, it was directed at you" and then I tried to explain to her how I didn't appreciate having my things moved, having her go into my closet, etc. Then she started talking over me and telling me that I'm a psycho.
I told her it had been weird since back in October when she listed the apartment and she goes "You waited til NOW to bring that up?" and I said "No, I asked you about it then, and if everything was ok, something was wrong, and you said nothing was".....she started talking over me again, told me that I make it uncomfortable in the apartment for her (Um, hello...which one of us leaves 5 nights or more during the week???). When I tried to tell her that, she stormed into her room and slammed the door in my face as I'm trying to talk to her and locks the door, like I'm going to bust in after her.
Then she opens the door and tells me she just wants to do her own thing and be left alone (Ummm...isn't that what we HAVE been doing? That's all I've been hoping for...and for her to stop being a messy slob!)

I later hear her in the living room removing all of her junk from my bookcases (which is ok with me since someone is coming to buy them tomorrow--less work for me!), and then I hear her on the phone telling her friend how she told me that "We don't have to be friends, we just need to be nice to each other"....Uhhh BS!!!! She NEVER said that. She was too busy being rude, talking over me, and slamming her door.

I think, from what she's said, that she thinks that I was pressed to be her friend, and when she decided that she didn't want to be friends (aka, when I got a boyfriend), that I was upset and distraught over it, so I started being "mean" to her (by ignoring the stupid things she does). She really thinks that this is all about her not wanting to be friends with me and that I'm devastated by it. Instead of about trying to figure out what's happened to make her be so upset and act this way so we could live civilly. Moron.

Let me just put this out there. I've never been that in need of a friend. I have great friends, and I don't need a spoiled brat, who is one of the most rude individuals ever known, as my friend.  Or in my life at all. No thanks.

So, what this comes down to is, she is deluded. And I have to deal with her for roughly two more months.

I'm in the process of listing the common area stuff on craigslist before she can destroy any of it. You know, more than laying wet clothes on leather destroys things.....(idiot). 

Hopefully this is the last that you all hear about this....Heaven only knows that I'm tired of dealing and/or talking about it! I just thought I'd update you all on the extremely irrational blow up. In which I'm a "psycho" haha.

Oh, and she left the note I put on her door in shreds on the floor in the kitchen. (And I'm the passive aggressive one, right?)

In the meantime, we'll see how much longer trash and dishes lay around dirty, like the pizza box from March 10th that she ordered...

Please, dear God in Heaven....make her stop being such a buttface. And let July get here soon. PLEEEEEEASE! 


  1. Oh man... I don't even know what to say. I'm just happy for you that you're getting away from her!!!

  2. UGH! WOW! What a baby! I still wanna come over and be loud and annoying! wine night soon! xoxo

  3. this ish doesn't even make sense? WTF is her problem.

  4. Wow, that sounds lol

  5. March 10th????? Wow...she just gets better and better ;) Sorry you're having to deal with her but I'm glad she'll be out of your hair soon!!!

  6. omg, i feel for you!! hopefully these next two months fly by!
    You totally win the prize for roommate from hell :(

  7. Oh gosh. This sounds like a disaster! :( Hold up-- March 10?? I've been known to forget to clean old food out of the fridge for a couple weeks, but two months?? Holy crap. Not to mention that I don't have a roommate to consider. How rude.

  8. i JUST moved out from an awkward awful situation so i can totally relate to you. My roommate was a huge pothead
    (im talking 24/7) which he didnt mention to me before i moved in, who would do his business and not flush the toilet and leave it there for me to find, had a dog who he didnt take care of who, ugh.. and so many other things. I was miserable for months and finally found a place and moved out in under an hour. Hang in there!

  9. Omg! I would be furious! You have a lot more patience then I do friend! Stay strong!


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