WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy hump day!
This week has been stressful so I need to focus on some of the good that's going on. Wednesdays are always a perfect day for that, so I'm getting right into my two fave link ups!

I'm loving all of the love and support from MG's and my family and friends about our move-in! 

I'm loving that I'm making good headway on selling the majority of my living room furniture on craigslist. Not only is it something I won't have to worry about later on as it gets closer to moving day, I'm getting some extra cash in my pockets (and perhaps ticking off my annoying roommate in the process). All wins!

I'm loving  Pinky for coming over yesterday to be my "buddy" while a random craigslist person came by to get my bookcases. I don't wanna be the victim of the next Craigslist killer, and what better person to have there than this chica to kick his butt if need be (or roomie's for that matter)?
Love ya, girlie!!!

I'm loving that I am making the best of my crazy testing mayhem madness at work. After not having access to my office for the last two weeks, I've had a lot of testing to catch up on. Just call me a lean, mean, testing machine!

I'm loving the yummy meal MG and I made last night. It's a repeat of what we made here. SOOOO good, you need to try it!

I'm loving that tomorrow is Trish and my THIRD week of hosting our Virtual Happy Hour, Thirsty Thursday! So come by tomorrow and link up with anything you want to share!!

And, as always I'm loving Pinterest!

This week I've been pinning...

So cute, I want it!

Cilantro Lime Shrimp (mmmm, mouth watering now)

I want these. I should make them. Or someone else can make them for me.
Anyone?? :)
Blood Orange Sangria (yes please!!!) 


Aww, poor Waldo....
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What have YOU been pinning?? Show me, please!


  1. You know I would have unleashed some ninja skills!!!! BOOM!!!

    So happy happy you are leaving crazy pants magee!


  2. LOL @ the flamingo and waldo!
    i'm glad the guy from craigslist didn't kill you. that would not be cool!

  3. Haha, uhhh that recent Craigslist killer was too close to my hometown...freaks me out!! Hahahaha the flamingo pin cracked me up!!!

  4. Sangria in general is just simply amazing!!

  5. So happy that your family and friends have been supportive! And that sangria sounds awesome!

  6. Yay Pinky is such a good friend for coming over and protecting you:) I love the Waldo pin - cracks me up! Happy Hump Day!

  7. I hope your week gets better and I think its super exciting about you and MG! :)


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