Thirsty Thursday Virtual Happy Hour Link Up #5

It's Thursday, and you know what that means! Another edition of Thirsty Thursday, the lovely Trish and my virtual happy hour link up where you can post about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want, under the sun (or above the sun if you want! We don't judge!)

"What are we drinking today?" you ask. Let me tell you!

Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

What you need:
-5 cups cubed seedless watermelon
-1 large English cucumber, peeled and cut into chunks
-1/4 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 limes)
-2 Tbsp honey
-2/3 cup vodka
-Cucumber slices for garnish

  1. Set a large fine-mesh sieve over a large bowl or pitcher. In a food processor or blender, puree watermelon. Pour watermelon puree through sieve, pressing on solids with a rubber spatula (you should have about 2 cups juice). Puree English cucumber and pour through sieve into watermelon juice.
  2. In a small bowl or measuring cup, stir together lime juice and honey. Add to watermelon and cucumber juices, along with vodka. Adjust sweetness with more honey if desired. To serve, fill four glasses with ice and top each with cocktail. Garnish with cucumber slices.
Mmmm, after all of the steamier days we've been having lately, this has "refreshing"  written all over it, to me! 

Now that we have our drink, What's on Your Mind?

Online Shopping
For one, I need to stop. I go through periods where I don't online shop at all (which means that I avoid looking at every email of all of the FAB deals going on that comes to my inbox), and then I seem to hit a period where I can't help but look at the deals....and subsequently purchase. A ton! I wrote before about some things I purchased, and the other day I got sucked into Loft's 40% deal and bought this guy to the right  ---->

Of course I justified that I can wear it to work, and it will go with just about anything (and it was only $23). But, I need to get a handle on things and close up that wallet! Memorizing my credit card number probably doesn't help either lol.

Working Out
Or maybe I should say "the lack thereof". I dunno what's up with me lately but I can NOT get motivated to hit the gym. Even the impending bathing suit season doesn't seem to rouse me into any kind of workout groove. Nothing! MG and I did, however, sign up for a yoga class that's nearby, and meets 2 times a week (altho we can go once a week if we want). I'm hoping that once we start those, maybe it will get my workout mojo going so that I can get back into the swing of things. I definitely don't want love handles and cottage cheese legs to be my buddies this summer! And you know, I did happen to get a new pair of yoga (dangit!) a couple of weeks ago. This  should be the perfect excuse to put those bad boys to work!

Yesterday I sold my set of couches. It was a little bittersweet because this set was the first thing I purchased on my own (the first "big girl" purchase, if you will) when I moved out of my parents' place 5 years ago *tear*. It was a great set (as you can see) but there's no room for it at MG's place and it's not worth it to pay for storage. So onto Craigslist it went....and the same day I had someone interested who came by the next day! I got a pretty penny for it! But, guess what I found under the big couch when we moved it??? The bowl I have been missing for the last 3-4 months in my set of dishes. In a place where there's no way it was "accidentally" put there. Thanks, roommate! GRRRR. And I'm the psycho, right? Maybe I should have set it next to my roommate's pizza box still on the kitchen floor from March 10th. I kid you not. Come on July!!! :)

So, that whole potential trip to Austin, TX looks like it's out the window (pooey!) but Vegas might be on the table now. MG and I are going back and forth between whether or not it's worth it for a long weekend (I'd have to take off my last two days of work, and I have very few vacation days left at this point, is the cost worth the short time?) I'm bummed, because I've always wanted to go to Austin, but at least a trip might happen. And Vegas 
is fun, right? Sin city! 

I'm off to dream about vacations get back to work. It was fun happy hour'ing with you! Come back next week and spill on what's going on with you!
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  1. i have the same online shopping problem. plus a tiny closet. ahhh! sometimes the deals are just too good to not buy stuff thought...right?

  2. I love shopping!

    GIRL, totally go to Vegas! SO much fun! SOO SO SO much fun. Don't sweat the vacation days, you'll be getting a better job soon ;)!


  3. well now that you're rich from selling your couches -- you can do more online shopping. YAY! Just remember: i wear a size 8 in shoe and my birthday is coming up.

  4. I'd love to go to Vegas!! And omg-- that drink looks AMAZING.

  5. I have the same problem with online shopping - it's like once I start I Just. Can't. Stop.

    And Vegas is SO fun!!

  6. I love our couches, but want to sell them just so that we can have more room! We have a sectional, and one piece stays upstairs, so we don't have to be too cluttered!


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