I confess....

It's Friday and I'm linking up with Leslie at a Blonde Ambition for Friday Confessions

I confess that....

......it is taking all of my energy not to smack my roommate in the face. Remember the pizza box from March 10th? Guess what's still not taken out yet! I placed the box in the doorway of the kitchen (*hint hint lady*) and she chose to pick up the box, and put it on top of the trash can lid, rather than take it out. GAAAHHHH. I also discovered this week that she decided that a good place to put her muddy shoes to dry outside was on TOP of my table on the deck. Guess who got to clean up that mess! Should have thrown her shoes over the edge....#HateHer

.....I convinced MG to go out for sangria last night since I was having a mean craving for it. Two pitchers and a stop for a burrito later.....I have a headache this morning.

......I'm annoyed that no one told me it's field day at school. Add that to the 3 emails that have gone unanswered from my supervisor in the past 2 weeks and I'm none too pleased with the communication (or lack thereof) at this place. 5 more days of work.... 

....I gleeked earlier this week, by accident (which is legit the only way I ever COULD gleek). Anyone know what I'm talking about? Throw back to the middle school days of on-purpose spitting.

....this made me laugh, multiple times (some of them while alone in my office) yesterday when I saw it:

Zombie-apocalypse! It's coming, people!! :p

....I'm UBER bummed that MG is leaving for a week on Sunday for work. Not so bummed that I'll take that opportunity to move my clothes into the condo tho!! ;) #NoClosetSpaceForYou  haha

....I'm hoping to have some exciting news to share with you all soon. Just do me a favor, and send me some good vibrations on Monday morning, please!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I WANT SANGRIA!!!! we have to plan :)

    sorry i'm not sorry i took up all the closet space ;)!


  2. Omg this post seriously made me LOL, especially the ecard! That's hilarious!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. That e card is great! Hope your weekend picks up!

  4. i love that you'll be taking over the closet. pretty much what i did when i moved in with my husband.

    and i would have definitely thrown that biatch's shoes over the balcony. you should put the pizza box on her BED! then she'll get the hint! (just make sure you lock the door to your room if you do!)

  5. hey girlie!! yay I finally linked up to confessional friday too! :) I am like mad for you at your roommate that is absolutely ABSURD!!!! If I were you I would write a huge sign saying "THIS HAS BEEN HERE SINCE MARCH - NOT OKAY - PLEASE THROW AWAY TODAY!" ah! infuriating how some people can be that way? that is just so crazy to me! and now thanks to you I am craving sangria ;) have a great weekend love!
    - Pam

  6. Seriously I don't know how you've lived with this chick. So glad for you that it's almost over!! And yep-- I'd totally do the same thing with his closet if I was you. Lol. :)

  7. That pizza box is OUT OF CONTROL. And your school sounds really annoying. I hope your good news is that you have a job in another district!! I'll be sending you good luck vibes on Monday for sure!


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