Thirsty Thursday Virtual Happy Hour #8

Happy Thursday! You know what that means? Another round of Thirsty Thursday with myself and the lovely Trish. This is a place where you can share a drink (if you want), and gossip about what's going on in your life! You don't need to be a drinker to join in on the fun!

What's Our Drink?

Pomegranate and Lime White Wine Spritzer

What you need: - 1/2 Cup Seltzer Water
-1 Cup White Wine
-1 Tablespoon Pomegranate Seeds
-1 Lime Wedge

Directions: Add ice to a glass. Add the wine and top with seltzer. Add pomegranate seeds and lime wedge. Drink up!

Now, that we have our drink....

What's On Your Mind???

Real Housewives
I love me some Real Housewives. I've been an avid follower since the beginning...I even watched Miami (painfully). But I think I'm done with New York. Last season was touch and go for me with those ladies, and I can't stand Ramona anymore, or Sonja either really. And the new ladies. Blah. Whatever. I could barely make it through the first episode without being bored. What do you guys think of the new season? I'm pretty sure I'm over it. I'd rather watch Shahs of Sunset (and that is saying something).

I know this topic has come up quite frequently in some of my posts lately (and I promise in the next month, it will stop), but as I was sitting at home the other day, cleaning out things in my bathroom, I looked around and got an overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed. I've moved before (more times than I want to count), but I've never moved IN with someone. Paring down my things is harder than I thought it would be. And not knowing if everything will "fit" is giving me some anxiety. I'm sure it will all work out, and when I have more time to focus all of my energy on it, it will be better. But right now, with work wrapping up and trying to tackle some of this, I'm feeling the pressure.

The Gym
I've been doing a better job of getting myself to the gym this week (yay!) and my workout mixes have definitely been helping (read about that here). But, I have a question for you all: Why do people go to the gym in any of the following?
-jean shorts (jorts)
-80's sweatshirt (yes the kind that hangs off the shoulder) with biker shorts
-flip flops
I dunno about you, but none of these, with a slight exception for the 80's sweatshirt, says that you are really there to work out. Today I saw ALL of these. Two of them on the same person (jorts and sandals). What the heck?? I guess I give 'em credit for actually going to the gym. I give them more credit for giving me something to be entertained by while working out :)

Magic Mike
Ohhhh emmmm geeeeee.....
Oh yes, ladies...if the 50 Shades stuff wasn't enough for you, we now get to glimpse into hottie Channing Tatum's past life as a stripper in the new movie Magic Mike. The whole premise of the movie is SUPER cheesy and probably a bit crass. BUT, will that stop me from seeing it? Absolutely not! Channing Tatum (or 'Charning Tartum" as MG likes to call him) is hotness personified. Miss an opportunity to see that? No way, Jose! As soon as MG saw the preview for this movie, the eye rolling began...(frankly, any time I bring up Channing the eye rolls happen haha). Will you judge me for seeing this movie? It's ok if you do....just make sure that before you do so, you give me a tissue so I can wipe the drool from my face as I watch it! ;) Are YOU going to see it?  

And on that hotttttt note, I'm back to my real world work life...I hope you guys had fun at our happy hour, I know I sure did! ;)

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  1. I hate it when people work out in jean shorts! There is this one lady at my gym who wears cut off jean shorts and a cotton tank top with NO RUN IN! She runs laps and laps around the track with her boobs flopping everywhere! And everyone knows who she is (Oh you know that one lady with no bra? Oh yeah that lady!). So gross!

  2. i soooooooooo wanna see that movie!!

  3. My hubby is actually the person who told me about Magic Mike... because my MIL loves Channing Tatum (haha!) and she sent him an email with the link to an article about the movie. I want to see it! I just watched The Vow (and made husband watch with me), and there was lots of eye rolling going on in our house too.

    And the jean shorts and sandals at the gym... I do NOT get this either. Also full makeup at the gym bugs me too.

  4. That drink looks tasty. As for the moving - don't stress yourself out too much. It will all work out how it's supposed to. :)

  5. I can't do the house wife thing shows. I watch a little if i'm at friends house then i leave. so not interested.
    At the gym, that has really become a serious conversation. why do women have to be ridiculous. I think its sexual harassment for men, i even heard a few men say it. one man has stop coming to our regular gym because he says: that kind of situation where women are allowed to just dress any kind of where can be disturbing to married men. he goes to a men only lift weight type of gym now. I love the pic of that drink. i'm celebrating now too. stop by:

  6. We caught someone in our office gym working out in their dress clothes! They came right back to work afterwards without changing...DISGUSTING! Some people have the weirdest habits.

  7. I agree about RHONY! Ramona is such a bitch I can't stand watching her!! I'm not loving the 3 new women either - we'll see. Umm....CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MAGIC MIKE! hahaha

  8. People wear the weirdest stuff to the gym. I saw a guy there yesterday with these yellow and black zebra striped spandex pants. What the heck??


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