I Must Confess...

It's Friday, so it's time for some good ol' confessions with Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition! Are you ready?

I confess that....

.....I'm a little bit obsessed with the pedi I got yesterday with my coworker. I am LOVING the fun, bright coral-ly color! So much so that I decided to wear my coral skinnies to work today! 

.....Android finally has Instagram available in its app store, so I got it!..... Now what? Just call me "insta-stupid" :)

....I have the cutest dog in the world. Don't believe me? See:
I shared Cooper's sentiments of not wanting MG to leave for his Austin trip,
but sadly I didn't fit as well into the carry-on as he did :)

....it's amazing how, when your dude's away, hearing that they can't wait to get back home to you can make you feel so special. I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of hearing that (although, I'd be quite ok if the work trips just stopped altogether...but that's another story :)

....I think it's a complete waste of time for me to be at work today and the past couple of days. Between all of the end of the year stuff, concerts, field trips, etc I can't see kids anyway. They should just let me stay at home and sleep! :)

....I can't swim. I vaguely know how, but even when I stand in the water up to my chest, I feel a little bit panicky. If it came down to saving myself, I would drown. And now I'm looking into taking adult swim lessons to get more comfortable in the water. I feel like a big loser.

....I may have made (ok, I definitely did make) this someecard about one of my co-workers:
Seriously, we work in a school where jeans aren't allowed because they want us to look professional. Wearing yoga pants and a shirt that goes halfway down your butt is NOT work-attire. (Now, if we could ALL wear yoga pants, I wouldn't be as bitter...) :)

...this picture, and the idea that they are dating, makes me a little nauseous:
{via} He looks like he could EASILY be her dad!!! Grossness...
...I'm excited for the weekend and the prospect of only 8 more days of school after today! Come onnnnnnn, SUMMER!!!

Happy weekend!


  1. Woohoo pedis, love it!

    Cooper is cute!

    Sportyspice can teach you to swim, she's a college champ :)!


  2. haha, the some ecard made me laugh out loud..

  3. Oh man, your pup is a CUTIE! Mine likes to lay on freshly folded laundry instead of in suitcases. HAHA.

  4. Your card made me laugh and I love that you matched your pants to your pedi. Well played. :)

  5. Loved your confessions - you are too funny! Found you through Leslie and am your newest follower. And the Olsen pic makes me want to throw up too. Gross. Happy weekend:)

  6. I'm also so excited Android got Instagram! I wanted it for ages and ages, and now that I have it, I have no pictures to post. Damn.
    I think that's really good that you want to take swimming lessons, doesn't make you a loser in the slightest! I'm sure you'll learn really fast :)
    & oh my. How creepy is that couple? I sank in my chair when I read it online yesterday. It does not help that on that picture she looks about 13. Uch. I get some age gaps are fine, but seriously, that one is just wrong.

  7. Great pedi!! I need to get one soon....

    Awww Cooper is way too cute. My dog does that too but he's not that small lol.

    HAHAHA oh my gosh, I love that someecard...I might have to pin that lol :) Good job!

    Yeahhh...not so sure about MK and that dude. Gross.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I was totally grossed out that they were dating too. I mean, I try not to judge, but couldn't she at least have picked a silver fox? He's just creepy looking! Is your puppy a maltese? He's so stinkin' cute! I call those little angel dogs ;)

  9. I used to work with a yoga pants wearer...at an international tax law firm!!! Why she thought that was appropriate is beyond me. The only thing worse is wearing leggings as pants. You know, without even the shirt covering the butt. Yuck.

  10. Aw your pedi looks awesome! I haven't had one of those in years & years... maybe it's time... lol.. and yes your dog may be cute but my dog is cuter hahaha. And wtf... is that one of the Olsen Twins???


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