Last Day at the Beach...

I'm back for a short post since I don't have a guest poster for today....

The week has flown by and we've had some amazing times. I'm sad to be leaving the beach and MG's family. I keep being told by the kids that they're sad we're leaving tomorrow. One of the kids thought we had left last night and apparently was visibly relieved when he found out that we were still here for another day.

I'm off to spend some Quality Time with everyone, and hopefully soak up a little more of the beach and the sun before we have to drive off, back to reality.

There will be lots more to come but here are two of several of the pictures we took this weekend:

I think they like me...just a smidge :)

My little her!!!

I'll be back soon for some recaps! Hope your weeks are good!

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  1. Looks like you are having a blast so far! You look nice and sunkissed!


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