Thirsty Thursday #9 Guest HOST: {P!nky}

Happy Thursday, party people! I have a treat for of my absolute favorite people, and my first bloggie-to-real-life friend, P!nky, is here to guest post AND guest HOST for me for the 9th Thirsty Thursday link up with my other bestie, the supah cute Trish

P!nky's a super funny, sweet, and all around amazeballs girl, and helped me out big time by filling in for another person who ended up not being able to guest post for me! So check out her blog after you read her post here! You will love her!

I'm off to soak up some relaxation at the beach!! (Try not to hate me too much! ;)


Oh hey whut up ladies?!!??! Yep, you guessed it, I'm not Miss JennJenn!
She's at the beach [punk] so you've got MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
today as your guest host!!
I seksi and I know it!?!?

Who's me?!?!!? Welll P!NKY of COURSE!
Oh hey hey hey!!!!
Now let's get DRANKIN'!

My drink of choice because of the heat:
Frozen FRENCH Lemonade

Frozen French Lemonade (serves 4)

•1/2 cup AlizĂ© Red Passion Passion liqueur
•1/2 cup citrus vodka
•1/2 cup water
•1/2 cup frozen lemonade concentrate
•4 cups of ice

1.Add ice, Alizé Red Passion liqueur, citrus vodka, water and frozen lemonade concentrate to a blender.
2.Blend until slushy and pour into a Champagne flute.

Since YESTERDAY was the FIRST day of SUMMER,
I thought, hmmmm now that summer is here...
WHAT AM I GOING TO DO for fun?!?!

Usually I am a GO WITH THE FLOW kind of gal.
I don't like to get stressed by making plans.
All you ladies that have something to do every weekend

I like to throw something together or just laze away.
Easy Peasy FRESH and SQUEEZY!

Well, this year I am going to try something different.
I found this list on Pintrest
[but can't remember where!?!?! 100% not my idea]
and thought, hmmmm a summer list eh?!!?
Let's DO IT!!!
Now, I know MOST of these things pertain to children,
I truly am a KID at HEART
So I thought, why not?!!?

Then, I found THIS PIN and got even more excited! 

Yep Yep, I know what C and I are doing this weekend.
We are gonna make a cup of fun ideas.
Whether we use Popsicle sticks or just pieces of paper,
we're doing it!

So, y'all let's make a PLEDGE that we will make this summer
Try something new,

Don't forget to link up mmmmmmmmmmmmmmkay!


  1. nice post p!nky! my summer list consist of work, pool, work, pool and of course beers, margaritas and uh. did i say beer?!

  2. I love the idea of making popsicle sticks with things to do! SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  3. Omg yes! Love the pic of you!! And that drink looks aaaamazing! I will have to try that!

  4. I love both of you ladies! I like the idea of a summer bucketlist or even doing a bucketlist for until Will returns...was thinking it might make the time go by faster!


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