Guest Post: Janna @ Perception is Everything

Hey, everyone! The second treat of the week I have for you is Janna over at Perception is Everything. She is incredibly sweet, has a great outlook on life, and is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside :)
Head on over to her blog and check her out!

Now, I'm off to enjoy the sun and sand!

'Ello Dearies!
I am pleased as punch to be here, while Jenn is away!
I'm only a little bit mad that she has left us all for the beach...

Do you know how much it sucks to have been raised a stone's throw from a 
beach your whole life, and then end up at the foot of Pike's Peak in Colorado?
I mean, it's cool and all, but SO not the same thing.

I actually get caught off guard when people ask me which I like better.
I don't want to hurt their feelings by saying I would ditch their mountains in a heartbeat, 
but I don't wanna be a liar...
Lying is bad.

And this is a big but.
Colorado is growing on me.
ssssssssshhhhhh don't tell.

The views are breathtaking, there are a million and one things to do, 
and I have now made some great friends!
It also helps that I am here with my Prince Charming.

I'd love to meet you all, so stop on by for a visit, or find me on Facebook!
For now I will leave you with another picture of paradise in Jenn's honor...
Love ya, girl and thanks again!


  1. WOOOHOOO great great post! I agree I can't pick between the mountains or the beach, each speaks to me!

    love you girlie! oxox

  2. please as punch bahahhaa i love it! i need to come visit you asap!!!!


  3. I hope you are having a great time on your trip!! Miss you! xoxo


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