B*tch Roommate Strikes Again...

I had to post this....this just happened and I'm SO pissed off right now.

I've moved all of my things out of the apartment as of this afternoon and had emailed my roommate ("the B") earlier this weekend with the bills for the month thus far and what she owes me. I asked her to leave me the check for those and told her that I'd let her know what the rest were once I got them (but basically, I want to make sure I'm at least paid for what I've already paid for since once she moves out, I have very little faith that she will actually pay me her half).
As of this morning, she still hadn't left me a check, even though I asked for it by Monday morning since I've already paid for these bills.

This was our email correspondence:
I checked yesterday and today and there was no check for the utilities mentioned in my previous email ($72.76). Please write the check for this and leave it on the fridge tonight. I will come by to pick it up.

Also,  I've vacuumed the living, dining room and entry way of the common areas as of Monday. I also wiped down the counter tops that did not have anything on them in the kitchen and cleaned out the microwave and part of the fridge. I also wiped down the washer and dryer of any detergent, etc. If you could clean out the rest of the fridge once your food is out and the freezer, as well as sweep/clean the floors in the kitchen and clean out the sink as your contribution, that would be great to make sure that we don't get charged for any cleaning fees once we leave. Make sure that you empty out the dryer of the lint in the trap and behind it before you leave, as well.

In the meantime, if any of these areas get dirty in the time that you're still living there, please make sure to clean them up before moving out. I want to avoid any unnecessary charges for cleaning from the apartment complex.

The "B"s response this afternoon:
When all of the bills have come in, send me the copies and an address and I will send you my portion, just as I have always done.

Also, I do NOT need to be told what to clean and what not to. You are the bossiest, most difficult person to get along with that I have ever encountered. And I hope to NEVER meet anyone like you again. Please don't contact me anymore except to send me a copy of the bills.

Have a nice life.

It pisses me off that she takes things and spins it SO out of control. I was simply letting her know what I'd done and what was left to be done. Especially since we all know that being clean is NOT one of her strong suits. 

My response to her was this:
I am asking for the half of the bills that have come in since we will not have as direct contact from this point forward. Please leave the check for the half of the utilities that are in and that I have already paid for now. I will contact you about the other bills when they come in. As it is, I'd like to be paid for the bills that I have already paid for. Thank you.

For the other things, I did not tell you what TO DO, I was letting you know what I've done and what's left to be done since we do not communicate. That's all. No need to get defensive. Just trying to work together to make sure that this difficult situation ends as quickly and easily as possible.

That being said, I share the same feelings about you as well.
Please leave the check for the utilities on the fridge tonight.

Let's be real. I could have said MUCH worse. And maybe I should have. I hate her. I don't hate many people, but I legitimately despise this girl and all of the stress and ridiculousness she has placed in my life the past year.

Thank Heavens I'm in a MUCH better place with someone who is a genuine, kind, and CLEAN person. Ugh.

Sorry...just had to vent.


  1. Omg, you handled that so much better then I would have!

  2. I like the line -- I feel the same about you! Lol

  3. dang girl.. gald soon you will finally get rid of her.. but damn she is a b----!

  4. Wow, you handled that well. If I was in your position I'd have confronted her by slapping her in the face with the chequebook.
    What a rude person! Why should you have to pay for her half of the bills until she decides to pay them!? She should pay her bills off as soon as they come in, not until they mount up and when she thinks is best. Grr, I feel very angry for you.
    Glad you're getting away from her!
    & if she doesn't clean the final bits of the place up and you guys get a fee for it, make damn well sure she pays the lot! You did your bit, I hope to God she does hers!

  5. Wow. No wonder you're moving on to better things! ;)

  6. What a BISH! SO glad you are getting away from that....hope you get paid!

  7. Ugh she sounds terrible! I'm sorry you have to deal with such a terrible person but at least you're moving on to a much better situation!

  8. Holy ridiculous! She is CRAY-CRAY! Good thing you are done with her!

  9. OMG! I can;t believe this! You are WAY too nice!

    Elyse @ My Life With a Cherry on Top

  10. Oh my GAWD!! so glad you don't have to deal with this whacko for very much longer!

  11. She really sucks. Thank goodness you are in a MUCH better situation now. :)

  12. I just want to punch her for being mean to you! You are such a sweety, and she is definitely a b#tch! I think you said just the right things in your last email, and just remember that the quicker you get her out of your mind, the quicker you can move on!

  13. Ugh, I can't stand people like that. I can imagine how thrilled you will be to be rid of her once and for all. Good luck! *hugs*

  14. Yikes. Glad you're out of there!!


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