Cheaters Cheaters are no fun!

I know the song actually goes "Secrets secrets are no fun" but I thought cheaters was more appropriate, and no I'm not talking about personal experience this go 'round (even tho I've been cheated on before and it's no bueno).

I'm talking about Kristen Stewart. I'm sure you saw the news yesterday that Kristen was caught cheating on R Pat. With a 40 year old.  First of all.....ew. Second of all....why??

I don't understand cheating. If you're not happy, leave. If you want to be with someone else, it might hurt the person you're with, but it will hurt more when you go behind their back and betray them. And then they find out the hard way. Be straightforward--it's better for everyone involved!

Also, if you're a celeb and want to cheat, with all of the media and paparazzi following you at all hours of the day, what makes you think you will get away with it? You've got to be a moron....

Lastly, shame on someone who does something like this with a married person who has a family. SHAME on you. Not saying that the other person hurting their own family isn't to blame either--they are. But if you go into something like that KNOWING they have a family, and KIDS, all I have to say is, I want to be far away when karma comes to find you.

I know we've all made mistakes in our lives (I know that I have), and hopefully Kristen Stewart learns her lesson. But, you need to think about the people who are gonna get burned in the aftermath of your decisions. And sometimes when you learn that lesson, the person you hurt isn't going to be so willing to put their heart on the line with you again. 

I'm willing to bet that there are more than a handful of ladies who would be happy to help R. Pat mend his broken heart....

Think before you cheat...


  1. Well said, Jenn! She is am immature little fool (with very little acting skills to boot!) I wanted to like her - I really did. Despite her lack of personality. But I just can't like someone who knowingly makes a decision that could break up a family and hurt some innocent, sweet little children. She's disgusting!

  2. Seriously, kristen stewart isn't even all that! I hope RPatz dumps her ass and finds someone better. I agree, how the hell did she think she wouldn't get caught?! And no one likes a home wrecker.

  3. It wasn't bad enough that she (a) cheated (b) with a married man (c) with kids. Then she had to go an make a public statement about it? Talk about salt in an open wound! As if you haven't brought enough pain and shame to that man's family??? Ugh. The article I saw speculated that it was an attempt to make a plea to RPatz. Cheating is selfish enough, as you described, but then you go and hurt the family even more by humiliating them in front of God and everyone? Horrible. Shame, shame, shame on her.

  4. If anything, this just tells us that her morals are as fine-tuned as her acting skills right?? Found you through your comment on PIWTPITT!

  5. I hadn't heard about this!!! ahhhh! I'm so behind on celeb gossip. Much go catch up now....


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