WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means......
Yeah buddy!

I'm loving that I finally used my massage that MG got me for Christmas yesterday. It was amazing. And when the massage therapist said I have something like an "iron back and shoulders" because it's so tight up there, I'm glad that I went!

I'm loving that I have over 200 followers! I love meeting so many new, fun and sweet people, and I'm glad to know that you are all are enjoying what I've got going on here! 
*special shout out of thanks to Janna for helping on this*

I'm loving that my old school started this week and I wasn't there. It feels good to be away from that mess.

I'm loving that MG and I will be in Maine for almost a week starting this weekend for his BIG family reunion, where I'll get to see his immediate family again, and meet ALLLL of the rest of the family I've yet to meet. I'm looking forward to it, vacationing, and eating some yummy lobster!

I'm loving that I'm convincing myself to try one of the craft projects that I have pinned on Pinterest. Let's hope it's a success! (more on that once I get all of my materials, etc)

And, you know, I love Pinterest. Probably more than is normal. But I'm ok with it!

This week I've been pinning...
I wouldn't mind vacationing here....
I want it. In my closet. Now. PLEASE?

Love this idea for decoration around the house for spring and summer 
Sundried Tomato and Basil Chicken  Mmm, yummy!

Sounds like a perfect world to me!

lol, love this!

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What have you been pinning? I wanna see!

Until tomorrow, amigos,


  1. oh just think you could be at work right now!
    love the pup's hair did :)

  2. HAHA, in a world where everything is 75% off. That's my dream!
    Stopping by from Vintage Apple :)

  3. YAY for vacation and not being at work!

    that pupper is so cute! xoxo

  4. 1) I want to live in that world. 2) I could only wish my hair could get as much volume as that pup! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Whoever invents chocolate that makes you skinny could rule the world, for real.

  6. I recently found your blog. LOVE IT! I also love your pins! I'll be linking up for WILW! Thanks for sharing!

  7. bahaha - that dog is hilarious! Love your blog!

  8. I just laughed out loud at the puppy "do"! That is amazing!


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