It's Ok Thursday...

Are you all recovered from your 4th of July celebrations? I spent the day at the pool and then grilling out with a bunch of much fun!

Enough about that for now, though. I'm linking up with Amber for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Today, it's ok that....

.....I totally lost track of what day it was yesterday. I really thought it was Sunday because of all the fun MG and I had had over the past day and a half. Plus, being off of work for the summer kind of throws that off too. #teacherproblems

.....on Tuesday night MG and I went out with our friends to the restaurant we had our first date at 11 months ago for the first time since that day. This time, we happened to sit at the booth across from the one we had sat in. We both reveled at how good the food was, and how we hadn't really been paying attention to it on that first date because of how focused we were on impressing the other :) It was definitely fun to reminisce about that special day. old principal wants to talk to me about my reasons for not coming back to my old school this upcoming year and I'm kind of nervous about it. All of my friends are telling me to just be 100% honest, but that's hard to get my mind around when I've been holding things in for 2 years. I guess I have nothing to lose at this point...

....I'm glad I'm done selling things on Craigslist from my old apartment. It's a pain in the butt to schedule things with people, and also to deal with the whackjobs who inevitably show up. 

.....I'm a little ticked at the power companies around here. My parents have been without power for 6 days now, during some of our hottest and most humid days. My dad's been doing better since his heart attack but the stress of everything (and the heat) has not been doing him well. I know the power companies are working hard...just wish they could get things done a bit faster!

....I found it a little funny when I took Cooper out last night, and he heard the fireworks. He immediately turned around, ran down the walkway and stood by the door waiting for me to open it. Someone had no interest in doing his "business" after that. 
He's still my cute little pup tho :)

Alright, I'm off to another morning/day of apartment cleaning. Today is "Fill up the car with stuff for donation" day. And, I have a TON!

Have a great day!


  1. aw cute! It's awesome to go back to places you haven't been in a while and remember how everything was different back then.

  2. Coop is just the cutest, love him! Surprisingly Scooter wasn't scared of fireworks at all, he just kind of cocked his head as to say, "what the hell is that noise?" LOL

  3. good luck talking to your old principal. that would be awkward! and totally understand losing track of the days of the week! I'm still working M-F & lose track during the summer :)

    hope you had a great 4th!

  4. I am totally off on the days of the week now that we have yesterday off. I love it and all but I'm just so confused! And I took my dog Molly for a walk the other night (to do her business too). We were walking one direction when she heard a firecracker and turned around and started walking the opposite direction towards home. Too funny!

  5. Good luck with the principal! I agree it is kind of scary, but I also think you should be totally honest. It might make him/her realize some things that need to change if he/she wants to keep his staff around! I suggest that you write down your reasons (or like maybe your top 5-10, if there are TONS) so that you don't get nervous and forget/decide you don't want to deal with the awkwardness of it. You're not going back there, so you have nothing to lose!! GOOD LUCK!

  6. I hope that your parents got their power back! I can imagine how much stress that would be on them. Most of the west side of town doesn't have power or utilities here either :(


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