It's OK....Thursday

I'm linking up with Amber at Brunch with Amber for It's OK Thursday cuz I have some things I wanna share with ya! Soooo here we go!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK that....

.... I only have to go back to my apartment ONE last time. To hopefully collect a check and Verizon equipment, turn in my keys, and be done with stupid head (yes, I said "stupid head":). July 12th is here, and I can finally cross "Dealing with an Idiot Roommate" off of my Summer "To-Do" list!

.... after roommate (the "B") defriended me the other day following her rude email, I may have posted an album on facebook of many of the messes she's made over the course of living together. And that it may be a public album. And I think it's ok that I've enjoyed all of the subsequent commentary from my friends. 

....I got insanely annoyed with my new school district yesterday. They called twice last week, left no message or call back number, and then yesterday called to say my second letter of rec doesn't have a signature on it so they can't process my hire yet. Are you serious?? (I got hired without them even HAVING the second letter of rec anyway!) I wanted to tell the lady "So, YOU put a signature on it"...soooo silly!

....I'm laughing at Luke Bryan's need to write the words to the national anthem on his hands at the All Star game. Watching him sing it, and simultaneously read his hand was quite comical....and kind of embarrassing.
I do feel a little bad for the dude

....after losing my wallet twice (with it being returned once), and changing my address last week after moving in with MG, I'm pretty sure the DMV thinks that I'm running an underground ID business. 3 ID's within a few months? I can see why that's suspect....I wish there was a way to let them know that I'm just a moron (who moves), and not a criminal.

....I'm OVERLY excited that my girl Genna is coming tomorrow! It's been too long since I've seen her, and I can't wait. Plus, this will be her first time meeting MG (altho I told her if she doesn't like him, it's a little too late since I'm already moved in....luckily, I dont think it will be a problem ;). I'm SO excited for her to get here!

....I've been craving sangria this week and totally want to go with someone tonight and get some from La Tasca and take advantage of their half-price pitchers. Mmmm. (Pinky??? haha)

And, on that note, I need to get ready to go deal with dumb-dumb old roommate so I can get my monaaayyyy, and my Verizon stuff from her. Hope you have a great Thursday!


  1. YAY! No more roomie from hades!

    Wish I could, but I have kickball games tonight.

    Maybe a pregame another time?!!? With Sportyspice! YES!


  2. Found you thru It's Ok...girl, this list is hilarious! I can't wait to read more about the roomie!!!

  3. Glad you're finally away from the worst roommate in the world! lol And I LOVE that you posted those pictures on Facebook. She totally deserves that and worse. WHAT A SLOB!! Good lord! Bless you for tolerating her that long. PS. My roommate has collection of wine bottles like that sitting on our counter. She's claiming she's going to "do something crafty" with them. But she said that 3 weeks ago. And we've already gotten in a little tif over it. I'm pretty close to putting in a cabinet OR throwing them away all together.

    Anyway! glad you're new roommate is like a zillion times better! :)

  4. Yay! So glad the album is public! So awesome...

    And sangria sounds amazing right now!

  5. that stinks that you had to go to the DMV so many times!! have so much fun with your friend!!

  6. sucky friends :( but there'a always luke...


    have a good night!

  7. Yeah! Ding dong the witch is dead!


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