Painting: COMPLETE!

....unless we decide to do the bathroom....but if we do that, it won't be for a while. We're painted out!

We finally decided to tackle the bedroom this weekend and get the painting finished. On Friday I taped off the room during the day....almost 2 hours later, we were almost ready to go (I couldn't move all of the furniture to get it taped all the way but did the majority of it).

Saturday we got to work, and only had to make one run to Home Depot during the painting for another gallon of paint so we could finish the job. It took a few hours, but the end result is awesome! It's no longer an insanely bright room in the mornings (preventing me from sleeping in) which is also helped by the addition of some darker curtains from my apartment (thanks, Genna!)

I originally got the idea for the color from something I saw on Pinterest:

Here are the before/after shots:

Cooper decided to help by laying on the bed and watching us
So, what do you think? The color is called "Slate Grey" from Behr, kind of a blueish/gray, and it honestly feels a lot more "romantic" in there, especially with the curtains matching the darker color of the wood in the room (even tho you can't really tell in the pic since my camera didn't really pick that up). It makes it a lot more muted during the mornings when you wanna sleep in, but pulling the curtains back, the room still gets plenty of light if we want it. 

We've talked about doing crown molding on the ceiling to make it look even better (and hide some of our paint oopsies), which would make it look even more like the inspiration photo.

I'm really proud of this one since it totally came from a photo on-line that we pulled off ourselves and made a reality. So fun!

Hope you guys had great weekends and accomplished some things, even if it was just having fun! :)


  1. WOOHOO looks great, I like it!


  2. love MG's earring thing on the wall. :)

  3. The room looks GREAT! I definitely think the crown moulding would be a nice touch, though, does MG own this place? If not, maybe hold off til you guys buy a house and then go to town!

  4. Looks great!! Paint makes such a huge difference!

  5. Woooow looks great! It really does look so relaxing and romantic :) really lovely colour as well.
    I love the picture above your headboard too:)
    (I just got Pinterest two days ago, I'm hooked! Got so many bedroom ideas from there already!)
    Have a good week xx

  6. I love the color! That's almost exactly the color I want to do for my some day bedroom in a home. Awesome job! :)

  7. Love the color!! Want to come paint mine next?? ;)

  8. Ooh, I really like that! I really want to paint most of my house, I just can't decide on colors!

  9. Love love LOVE that color!! It looks so chic, especially with your dark wood dresser! Good job!


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