A Pick-Me/You-Up

This week has been a little difficult for me. I've been missing MG a lot (only one more day!!), feeling like people aren't really enjoying my blog anymore, being totally stressed out with the new school year and all of the stuff that's being added to our plates while time is being taken away....

It's just been a bit overwhelming this week, to say the least.

But I saw this video the other day, and it instantly brought a smile to my face.

It actually gave me a lump in the back of my throat when I first saw it. So so so sweet.

Just a little reminder that no matter what size you are, where you come from, what you believe in, that we can all find something in common....even if it's just liking one another for all of our differences.

I hope it brightened up your day like it did to mine!


  1. awwww such a cute video!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this bright and early Thursday morning:) p.s. I love your blog and think its fantastic - I think many others would agree:)

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY for MG coming home! Super awesome and I know you are super stoked! And YAY for training ending soon so we can gchat, I've missed ya like crazy girl!


  3. Hope you feel better! As far as people "not enjoying your blog"... The only thing that matters is that YOU still enjoy your blog. That's the whole point, right?


  4. I hear ya on the blog thing Jenn. Kind of funny because in the beginning I made this more for me, and not for the followers, but as I started to gain more followers it became more exciting. I haven't been getting many comments lately, I've almost debated not posting anymore.
    I'll have to watch this video later since I'm at work! But keep your chin up! :)

  5. I've heard that from a few different bloggers and I've also thought that lately. I think traffic is down, so don't sweat it my friend! :)

  6. Sorry to hear that you feel like people don't appreciate your blog. I'm a PT in a school system in VA and love reading it, hope you keep up with it.

    1. Thanks Katie! Which district in VA do you work in?

  7. 1. Yay for MG coming home!!
    2. I think we all go through lulls in blogging. But just remember that you started this blog for YOU not for your readers. If you're enjoying blogging, your readers will enjoy reading it! :)
    3. OMG-- this is the cutest video!!


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