I Confess...

It's Friday.....and the only thing I have to say about that is THANK GOODNESS!!!!

I'm linking up for some confessions today, cuz what better way is there to start the weekend than confessing all of my sins to you?? :)

I confess that....

....I'm nervous for this upcoming school year. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to handle all of the paperwork we have to do now, along with my caseload, including a student I have to see for 2.5 hours per WEEK (which, in the speech world, is a LOT of time). I just hope I can make it through, make a difference in my kids' lives....and still maintain some sanity. And my hair color. #NoGraysPlease

.....I'm beyond excited that MG is coming home TONIGHT!!! I have a feeling the hours are going to tick by today uber slowly, but I can't wait to see his face and for the snuggle time I was promised! :)

....p!nky and I went out to an impromptu night of sangria and tapas last night. I think it was the cure to all of our ailments from the week. I love some good girl tim!

....I cried when I got flowers from MG on Tuesday. Before you judge, just know that it had been an incredibly stressful and overwhelming day (that had already had a bucket of unhappy tears shed), I wasn't able to talk to him on the phone at all that day, and getting the flowers helped turn around a crappy day and made me smile. Judge me now--it's ok.

Speaking of judging....out of 2,000 new hires in my school district (yes I said 2,000!), I kept seeing one girl over and over again, and it was because she insisted on wearing her curly hair bunched up on the top of her head. She kind of reminded me of this, except with it all concentrated on top of her head:
I couldn't help staring. And you could tell she thought she was real cute. I totally judged.

Do you have anything you wanna confess? Tell me! Tell me!! :)

Hope you have a good weekend full of juicy gossip!! 


  1. Girl time last night was fabulous! YAY happy MG day!


  2. 1. that is so cute of mg to send you flowers. keep him around a while longer... hehe.

    2. there's a kid at my office that looks like milhouse! maybe we can set them up!

    3. i want a sangria blate with you girls! is 3 hours to far away to drive for hh? LOL

  3. Aww. I love that he knew you neededthos flowers! I could never judge you for crying, because I always cry whenI get flowers!


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