I'm confessin'...

It's Friday! Can I get a "HALLELUJAH"!!!!
TGIF, baby!

Since it's Friday, I'm here to confess so I can start my looooong weekend off right!

I confess....

.....that I wish my boyfriend's friends would mind their own business sometimes. Why do guys always feel the need to rag on each other? Why is me checking in online somewhere or posting a picture to Instagram an open invitation to comment about it to my boyfriend? Why do they even care?? Sometimes I think they're worse than girls.

....I'm darn proud of how I turned my office around this past week. Coming into an office where I inherited twice the amount of boxes that I brought in myself was a daunting task to tackle on top of all of the other meetings, etc. And then having to make it look presentable for Open House. Getting compliments about how much better it looked than earlier this week (let's be real, it looked like a tornado hit my room at some points), and how much roomier it was than last year, made me feel good!
View from my desk--some of those piles on the left are
disappearing when people come to take them
....I've gotten very creative about "hiding" things in this room/office that has no closet and no built in shelves--and limited shelving at that. (Do you see the things I "creatively" piled behind the door?? Oops...) 

....I really wanted to wear comfy clothes to work today since it's our last work day without kids, but since everyone else here seems to look pretty and cute at all times, I fancied it up and wore my mint green capri pants and cute white shirt. Darn those people who look cute!

....we have a "parking lot evacuation drill" after our meetings at work this morning. "What does that mean" you ask? Well, it means we get in our cars, and evacuate the parking lot to go home early. Holla, and hello long weekend!

....I'm nervous/excited about the start of school next week.

.....I'm excited for the long weekend and extra time to relax before the real reality of the school year hits!!

I hope you all have amazing and relaxing, fun weekends! Catch ya next week!


  1. That drill is awesome, I am jealous!

  2. Your office space looks great!

    Parking lot evacuation drill- LOVE that :) Enjoy your long weekend and rest up before back to school!!!

  3. Stopping by from the link up :) . Hope your first day with the kids goes smooth! have a great long weekend!

  4. Haha I was gonna say what the heck is a parking lot drill. Sounds pretty awesome now that you explain it! Have a great weekend :)

    Newest follower from the link up


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