My confessions....

It's Friday and I thought it was time for some confessions, so I'm linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for Friday Confessions...

I confess that....

...I was supremely surprised when the old roommate (aka "the B") actually sent me her half of the last utilities, finally. It took some prompting and several emails (ones including accusations from her that the address I gave her "wasn't working" and that I "must have lost the check" she supposedly sent "weeks ago"). But, it's here, and on its way to being deposited into the bank. Done and DONE!

....seeing this picture of me and MG's niece (my little buddy) posted on fb yesterday made me smile:
 I love that little nugget!

....when we were saying good-bye in Maine, that same little nugget did her best to convince me to come to PA to visit for her sister's birthday next week (despite MG being away for work--when I told her he'd be gone, she said "So? You can still come!") and I'm considering going. It's my last full week off, his family said it was a good idea, MG said I should go....but I feel a little weird going to see his family without him. But, only a little weird. Cuz I really do love them.

....when seeing that there's a marathon of RHONJ this weekend, my first thought was, "Hey, I can actually watch that ALL DAY LONG since MG isn't home." I guess there are a few small perks to having the place to myself....

....I still don't know what school I've been assigned to for this coming school year, and I start work in almost a week! I'm pretty sure they have everything solidified, so why can't they just TELL me??? #drivingmebonkers

....I wish some of the awesome girls I've gotten to know from the blog world lived closer. You girls are amazeballs and I wish we could hang for reals!

.....the boyfriend's started saying "amazeballs"...And I like it :)

....Cooper has been whimpering and whining since MG left Wednesday, and every time he does, he's staring at the door. I think he's looking/waiting/hoping for MG to come through. He's going to be disappointed for a couple more weeks, I'm afraid...

If that picture doesn't say "disappointment" I'm not sure what does--->

What are some of your confessions?? Tell me tell me!

Have a great weekend! Catch ya on the flip side, fools!


  1. RHONJ marathon?? Sign me up!!! That's the perfect activity when you have the house to yourself! Enjoy!

  2. Whoooo I need to catch up on my RHONJ too! Damn, we need to live closer! Though, i think its probably only about 3 hrs to DC for me. Not too too bad! ;P

    And I definitely think you should go to PA to see your lil nugget. I love that MGs family already accepts you as their own. Now tell him to put a ring on it and make it official! hahahaa....

  3. I'm so excited you got the money from her! Not gonna lie...didn't think that was going to happen. I can't believe that they haven't told you what school! That sounds like the Army. Haha. We didn't know that Will was for sure deploying until less than a month out. So crazy. I wish that we all lived closer too! Love you!!

  4. I"m so glad she sent you the check!

    And I am so behind that RHONJ marathon this weekend. I noticed they've started selling BLK water at my Harris Teeter...maybe I'll even get a bottle for the ocassion haha


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