The "Maine" Event

Hey people! I'm back from Maine and I must admit, I'm a little sad about it. The weather was gorgeous (upper 70's-80, no humidity), and sitting by the lake every day on a beach with mountains in the background, boat rides, laying out on the dock, cold drinks and awesome food...what more could you ask for??
Not a bad view to have every day...
MG's extended family was awesome, as to be expected. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like family instantly.  We also didn't have much, if any, cell service while we were up there, but it was kind of nice to be cut off from all of the social media, phones, etc for a little while and just enjoy the scenery and the people we were with. The 5 days flew by.

(Fun fact: Stephen King is from this area in Maine. Anyone remember when he got hit by a car while walking along a road in Maine? It was along the same road we were staying on, near where he has a house.)

The weather was only rainy one day, which was the first full day we were there, so we just checked out the outlets. I kept getting taken off guard by the view of the mountains while we were shopping:

We also did a little hiking up Sabattus Mountain:
On the way up...

Part of the group at the top of the mountain
The view from the top...totally worth the hike!
One night we had a lobster feast, complete with lobster bibs, and celebrated MG's mom's birthday:
Me and MG's cousins/cousins-in-law
MG, his uncle, and one of his cousins
The majority of our time was spent on the lake either swimming (well I semi-swam in water that I could stand in), sunning on the dock or the beach, or taking the boat out for rides and letting the kids (and adults) go tubing and wakeboarding. 

On our last day, we drove into Portland Maine, had a yummy seafood lunch by the water, and checked out the stores in the area. The weather was perfect for walking around to explore. Portland is a cute city and seemed like there was lots to do, we just didn't have a ton of time to do it all. But, I did enjoy looking out over the city....

All in all, it was a great trip. I couldn't have asked for a nicer family to be surrounded by and a more relaxing and fun time. I was definitely sad to leave everyone, and the deliciously pleasant weather. Coming back to mid 90s was just not fun. But, it's nice to be sporting a decent tan again :)

So, did you guys miss me?? :)


  1. Looks lovely. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves. :)

  2. i'm too tired to read all the words but the pictures are lovely. looks like you and mg had a good time. :)

  3. OF course we did!!
    Glad you had a good vacation! :)

  4. Looks like u had so much fun!!:) I go to Portland every fall - it's the cutest little beach town ever!! SO much to do:) Welcome back!!

  5. That vacation looks amazing! Perfect to me, lake, mountains... bliss! Glad you are back! :)

  6. I have lived in Maine my entire life and I think summers here are the ABSOLUTE BEST. (But I may be a little biased.)
    Also Portland is literally my favorite city ever. I'm from that area so I try to head down to Portland as often as possible because it just has a great feel!
    Happy you had a great time here! Make sure to visit Vacationland again!

  7. Were you at Kezar Lake?!?! (That's where SK's house is) Will used to run the Pleasant Point Inn on that lake!! I went up there several times and I love it!!


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