WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday and you know what time it is! Linking up with Jamie and Michelle:

I'm loving that I finally know what school I'll be working at! I'll be back with elementary schoolers and I couldn't be more excited! 

I'm loving that it's now less than 10 days until MG comes back from his training (altho admittedly, I wish it was much sooner, and it feels like he should be coming home THIS Friday...). I miss him, but I've been surviving :)

I'm loving The Game of Thrones! I've been reading non-stop, in part because it's due back at the library in a week and a half, but mainly because the story has been really good. It took a while for me to get into it, but now that I am, I'm hooked!

I'm loving that the weather was gorgeous here for the past couple of days. I was even able to enjoy some pool time without sweating like a maniac and wanting to pass out! 

I'm loving that P!nky invited me over for dinner last night to cheer me up and to keep me company. I love that girl! :)

I'm loving that the trip up to Philly is on, and I'm leaving today! Whoop whoop!

And, as always, I'm loving my finds on Pinterest!
This week I've been pinning....

Who doesn't remember Bob Ross and his happy little trees?

I LOVE this look. So cute and chic!

If we had more room in the condo, I would want this, pronto!

Cajun Shrimp Casserole

This is Cooper. Every morning!

hahah, so cute!
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Now, I wanna see what you pinning fools have been up to, so show me!! :)


  1. I loved Game of Thrones! Can't wait to see what you think of it!

  2. Stopping by from the link up! Your blog is so cute! I'm excited to be your newest follower. :-)

    Love, love, loving that outfit with the teal accents. I swear, 95% of what I pin on Pinterest is clothes!

    Have a fabulous Wednesday!



  3. Glad to hear the Philly trip is back on, hopefully that means your nugget is feeling better!

    And i need that wine barrel/rack thingy. that's awesome.

  4. Glad to hear you are headed to Philly. That will be so fun. That wine barrel is too cute.

  5. I laughed so hard at that Bob Ross lego... Hahaha!!

  6. hahah pillow pet..! so funny

    Have a fantastic day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

  7. Glad that P!nky is taking care of you ;) I have a family of Elementary teachers and they love it, so I'm sure you are going to have a fabulous time. I WANT those jeans...I'm in a "jeans" mood lately.


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