Philly Surprise!

Hey party people! I hope you had a good weekend. I'm going back to work today....bah. I have to sit through a week of dumb orientation for my school's county. It's going to be going over about 95% of the stuff that I know from when I worked there 2 years ago. Fun? No.

But, my last minute trip to Philly to surprise MG's niece for her 12th birthday WAS fun! Super fun in fact! My little nugget was feeling better Tuesday night so I shifted my plans to head up there Wednesday morning for the actual birthday "day", and headed back on Friday morning. Sadly, since the girls were both feeling crummy on Tuesday (one from being sick, the other from thinking her pool party was going to be cancelled), MG's mom told them both that I was coming, to cheer them up. So it wasn't a HUGE surprise, but they were still happy to see me none-the-less.

We had lunch together and did some shopping at the King of Prussia mall (it's just a big mall....if you're like me and hearing it for the first time, it sounds like a place to buy fancy rugs or something...but it's not). We also spent some time dressing up in the kids department.....yes I partook in this (and may have actually been the instigator of it haha):
I actually kinda wish I'd bought the scarf I was wearing....even tho it was a kids scarf!

That night we hung out, and the kiddos played with Cooper who soaked up the love, pets and attention, as to be expected. We also sang Happy Birthday to the bday girl and had some ice cream cake!
Can't believe she's already 12!!
The next day was the pool party with 12 7th grade girls. It sounds scary, but it wasn't as bad as you would think. The girls were all good, and they had a great time!

Cooper spent the day either inside (so he wouldn't overheat) staring out the door/window at us, wandering around the pool, or being held or passed around by all of the girls. I think he was almost taken as a party favor at one point :) He definitely did not sleep the day away like he normally does!
He even spent some time in the hammock!

After the party, me, MG's parents, his sister and her two daughters (dad and nephew had football practice) went to P.F. Changs for dinner together since it was my last night there. It was really nice to spend the time with them. 

After dinner MG's mom and I spent a couple of hours hanging out, while Cooper continued to recuperate from his long day of pool party love and excitement. Evidence, here:
Keep in mind, I was sitting up in this picture....not laying down. He was SO tired, he fell asleep in that weird position!

The kids came by Friday morning to say good bye before I hit the road. Everyone was glad/appreciative that I had come (including MG who texted that he was glad I was able to be there and wished he could be too). I'm really happy that I went, and it wasn't awkward in the least little bit without MG there. The last night, MG's sister texted me this:
"My kids are obsessed with you in case you didn't know.....I may not sit on your lap but I luv ya too! lol"

I love MG's family even more now than I did before. It was a perfect way to spend my last few days of summer vacation.

And, on that note, I'm off to be tortured to orientation! Wish me luck!


  1. Coop is just the cutest. My pup sleeps like that too when he gets real tired. Glad you had a good time up there. its so cute that mg's family loves you so much! love it!!!


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