You remember that happy, positive post I had yesterday?

Well, today I am STRESSED OUT!
I'm in the midst of scheduling hell mayhem!

For me, it's not the same as a classroom teacher who gets a schedule and can sometimes wiggle it around to fit their needs. I provide speech therapy services to a range of kids in a range of grades (Preschool through 6th grade) and I have to fit myself and the kiddos I see, into the entire school's schedules while taking into account things each kid is working on. All of those factors make it a little (ok, very) difficult sometimes.

So, today I take on the challenge of scheduling 50+ kids into a 24ish hour school-week with all of the desires of teachers for when I can and can't take their kiddos. It's going to be a nightmare challenge...especially since classes within the same grade don't go to lunch/recess at the same time. Gaaaah!

I promise I'll get back to the happier posts soon....I just need to get through this next obstacle course of testing my patience and sanity in order to actually get to the fun part of actually SEEING my kids!

Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck friend! I can only imagine how hard that is!

  2. you'll work it all out soon! i got faith! good luck!

  3. oh my goodness! I totally know how you feel! I've already rearranged my schedule for one teacher and now she's asking me to do it again and the principal specifically told me to pull kids from that class in the mornings, so no, I'm sorry, I can't pull your kids in the afternoon and rearrange my schedule...again. I'm annoyed at the situation as well (as you can tell). I know you'll figure it all out soon. I'm sorry it's that time of year :/


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