Friday's Letters

It's Friday!!!!! Hoooray!!!! This week wasn't too torturous (some 4-day weeks seem longer than full weeks), but the last day or so it's felt like Friday was taking its sweet time getting here.

Since it's Friday, I'm gonna make it a short and sweet post. Are ya ready?

It's time for some letters!

Dear Cough, I don't like you. Especially when you woke me up at 5am and kept me up til my alarm went off. Not cool! Dear Hairdresser, I love you--why can't I keep you to myself and have you do my hair every day? I would look so much more fabulous on a regular basis.  Dear LOFT, don't send me an email talking about a sale, let me buy some things, and then send me another email the next day with new things on sale that I want to buy, too. Wah.  Dear Big Bird, will you run for president? At least I know that I can trust you! Dear Paul Ryan, you need to know that the camera angle on your left side is NOT your good side. Next time you need to ask to be caught from the right side. That nose was out of control! Dear Gym, I promise we'll be better friends next week when I'm not as busy hacking up my lungs. Dear Upstairs Neighbor, you are tiny. Why do you walk so loudly? If I'd never seen you before, I would have thought you were a giant. Walk like the petite girl that you are, not like King Kong. Thanks! Dear Double Date, I'm excited for you tonight and getting to try out a new restaurant in the area with friends and the boyfriend. Woop!

And now, it's time to get through the work day so that I can enjoy the weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. hahahaha - i might be your upstairs neighbor... our downstairs neighbors have told my husband that i "walk loud". of course they also complain that our bathtub water "drains too loud" also.

    happy almost weekend! feel better!

  2. if i even win the lotto, i'd have to play it first but still, i'm hiring my hair stylist to give me a blow out every day. i'm getting one in a few hours and it's the highlight of my day!

  3. Haha I lol'd at your loud, tiny neighbor. I always wonder about things like that. Doesn't make sense. Hope your cough is better!
    Janna @ Perception Is Everything


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