It's OK!

It's Thursday, which means it's almost Friday, and that equals a happy face! 

Since I've been slacking this week with original posts (minus my awesome recipe on Tuesday--check it out here if you missed it), I'm linking up with Amber for It's OK Thursday!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK that....

.....I've been totally lazy (either due to sickness, having trouble jumping into a 4-day week, sheer laziness, or a combo of all three), and I haven't uploaded my pics from my trip to Minnesota yet. Hence why there's no original post with a recap yet. But, it's coming!!

.....I didn't know what shoes to wear with my outfit to work today, and when looking through the closet, the shoes I use as my "outdoor slippers" (which are more like tan moccasins  looked mighty comfy. I slipped them on, checked it out in the mirror and decided comfy, furry-on-the-inside shoes was how I was rolling to work today. I'm ok with it.
Not too bad, right??

.....I couldn't resist opening a late-evening email from LOFT the other night and ended up purchasing two shirts (both of which I can wear at work or not) and spending about $50. It was a good deal, but those darn emails get me EVERY time (which is why I try to just delete them without looking). At least I have these two pretties coming to me...

.....I hate doing the leg-work to plan vacations. Can't someone just find me a really amazing deal and save me the trouble of endless hours of searching???

.....I have a professional development goal due in a week and I have yet to put a dent in it. I'm so overwhelmed by these state requirements for teachers now, especially since I'm not technically a teacher in the sense that I don't teach curriculum or have a classroom, but I'm being judged based on kids' performance. abs and back muscles hurt from coughing the past couple of days....and that I counted that as my ab workout yesterday :)'s almost Friday!

Catch you all tomorrow--maybe I'll have overcome my laziness and actually uploaded some pics for you guys!


  1. I love your shoes! I just bought some a lot like yours and wear them everyday! I say there only slippers if you wear them in the house! lol Very Very nice blog! I love the yellow and black!

  2. Oh I LOVE checking out vacation deals!!! You want to go somewhere I will find you a deal you can't pass up!! :)

  3. I am a total sucker for those emails! And I am subscribed to so many it is ridiculous.

  4. Your blog is super cute, i love your layout! Those shoes are super cute! I opened a few fashion related emails this evening too & tomrrow when i get to work i will be running up some credit cards on new fall threads. That's a good reason right, fall? I hope you have a great Friday. Stop by to say hi if you get a chance?


  5. I have definitely been rocking my moccasins a lot lately. They are my favorite go-to.

    Janna @ Perception Is Everything


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