Friday's Letters


Time to write some letters!

Dear Weekend, thanks for finally getting here. Parts of this week went by fast and others went by slow. I'm glad to have a weekend to enjoy. Dear Hurricane Sandy, please don't come up here and knock out power in the DC/MD/VA area again. I really don't want people to have to deal with power outages for another week plus! Dear Taiji, Japan, stop killing dolphins! You all need to wake up and realize the awful things you are doing to a group of animals who are not harming you. Dear Blog Readers, sign the petition to end dolphin murders in Japan here. There's only 6 more days left to reach 500,000 signatures! Please do it!  Dear construction workers, how much longer are you going to take away one lane of the two lanes I need to get to work in the morning? You're really effing up my morning commutes as of late and I'm getting annoyed at driving 5mph. 
Dear Cooper, thanks for being the cutest, sweetest, friendliest dog ever. You're the perfect snuggle buddy at the end of a long day! Dear iPhone5, would you hurry up and be ready so that they can ship you to me already? #impatientlywaiting Dear MG, thanks for waking up earlier than you needed to yesterday just to make me a hearty breakfast before work. It was delicious and I love you!

Hope you're off to a great weekend! Catch ya on Monday!


  1. Hello, Im down here in Florida. The Hurricane isn't even on top of us. We are getting it's outer bands. It's pretty serious! Hopefully all the weather anchors are wrong. That hurrican is huge!! Stay safe this weekend and upcoming week!

    xoxo Yesi <3

  2. Here via Friday's Letters!
    I'm currently in the midst of planning my very first trip to DC ever!!
    ps. Why the hell are people killing dolphins?! No bueno. Signing petition now. :)

    Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

  3. oh my gosh, cooper is so cute! & I am off to sign the petition! thanks for linking up with me!


  4. I'm with you - glad the weekend is finally here! I hope the hurricane doesn't mess you up. I live on the SC coast, so I'm all too familiar with those pesky things! And I signed the petition!

    Found your blog via Friday's Letters. Come visit me:

  5. That makes me sick to hear that they are killing dolphins. I grew up my whole lives loving that sweet animals. That breaks my heart! I am for sure going to sign that petition. I hope it reaches the amount so they stop killing. I wish someone could kill them & see how they liked it they might change there minds then about killing an innocent animal whom causes no damage to them or others for that matter. & Cooper is too cute ;)

  6. ugh, i'm nervous about this stupid Frankenstorm too... we have no supplies. hahaha.

    Cooper's so darn cute!


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