A New Change Around Here

Did you notice anything different when you stopped by today? While the Frankenstorm here is preparing to wreak havoc on the east coast, my blog was getting a little upgrade!

I figured it was time for a facelift for this little ol' blog of mine, and asked Shannon at Page: Twenty Two to do a redesign for me and she did a great job! (Thanks, Shannon!) I totally recommend using her if you want to re-do your blog!
Page: Twenty-Two

I'm super pleased with the change...what do you guys think??


On another note, how are my east coast friends doing in this crazy hurricane? So far, in DC we've just gotten rain that started last night but they're anticipating us getting 5-10" of rain and high winds this afternoon/tonight.

I just hope we don't lose power, and am keeping my fingers crossed that my parents don't lose power or get too inundated with rain, also. If their basement starts flooding, there won't be much that they are able to do....and I obviously can't do anything from here. *Fingers Crossed*

MG and I made it back yesterday from a trip to Philly to see his family and we got a chance to see my little nugget play in her soccer game. Watching 6-year olds play soccer is pretty comical, but also incredibly cute!

The weather was overcast and rainy while we were there since they're getting hit with the same stuff that we are. Which made it perfect conditions for the kids to have a sleepover at MG's mom's place where we were staying. It was fun waking up the next morning to kid chaos :)

We made it back easily yesterday and picked up supplies along the way. On our way back I found out that school was cancelled for us for Monday AND Tuesday. I love a day off, but it seemed crazy to have two days off when it wasn't even raining yet. This also stinks just a tad cuz after one more snow day, we have to start making these days up. Boo! Guess I'll just have to enjoy the time off now!

So, in the meantime, my electronics will be plugged in, my Kindle fully stocked with books, and me, MG and Coop will be hunkered down for this storm!

Stay safe, East-coast friends!
Catch you tomorrow....if I have power! :)


  1. The new blog design looks awesome!!! We are praying for everyone on the East coast! Stay safe!

  2. nice design. only thing is i think "goodreads" should be one word. at least you have two days off. i'm at work riiiiight now.

  3. LOVE the new design!! I'm up in MA and the storm is just starting to pick up here... we're supposed to get more wind than anything I think. Stay safe!!

  4. Loving the new design. Shannon did a great job! I debuted a new on my blog today too. I just needed a change!

    Stay safe!!

  5. Glad you love your new design :)!

    Lucky ducky with 2 days off...I'm jealous at work!

  6. The rain and wind is def picking up for me... and the beaches right now are already underwater, just hoping we don't lose power! You're lucky you're off from school... our offices are closed but we're required to "work from home". Boo!

  7. Visiting from Mingle Monday! The design looks great!

  8. yayy shannon is awesome she did mine too!!! stay safe in the storm!! xoxo

  9. Love your new design! Enjoy your days off! We have had school cancelled so many times due to snow...and then it didn't even snow! It's nice at the time, but it stinks to make them up!

  10. Visiting from Mingle Monday! The new design is pretty! Hope you have a great week!


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