It's OK....

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It's OK that.....

.....watching Kindergartners play Jenga makes me laugh

.....almost every Friday is reminiscent of the school-days because, in our house, we usually order pizza for dinner on Friday nights. It doesn't come in the square shape that the cafeteria gave us, but it's still Pizza Friday!

.....I'm taking off my first day of work this year, and I feel guilty about it. That NEVER happens. I must really like where I work!

.....I spent $35 on card games for my kids at school two weeks ago, and spend another $35 yesterday for more card games. Shouldn't I be spending my money on fun things like cute Fall clothes? What is WRONG with me???

....this could legit be my dog (looks, and actions):
He's also been known to take one piece of food, walk into a totally different room, eat that piece, come back, and repeat the entire circle all over again. I guess he's working off the calories as he's eating. Maybe he's onto something.... :)

.....when I'm part of a group text, and the texts continue to go off one after another, I curse the person who made it automatic to "reply all" when you don't know you're part of a group text in the first place. How do you stop it???

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  1. I love group texts, but sometimes have to mute them. They are super fun to read after a drunk night though ;)!

  2. Oh my gosh, my dog does the same thing! He takes one piece of food and walks all the way into another room to eat it. Sometimes, he'll just leave it on the floor and come back to eat it later. Weirdo. HAHA!

  3. Watching kindergartners play anything makes me laugh! :)


  4. Why is is that school pizza has looked the same for the last (at least) 20 years or so? I remember eating pizza that looked just like that way back in first grade! I guess some things never change, eh? Happy Thursday!

  5. haha The Jenga sounds adorable!

    That dog post makes me think of an article I read this morning. Apparently Rachael Ray is starting a gourmet dog food truck that's going to drive around NYC. Your picky dog would probably love it!

  6. Some people group text me and I never agreed to it. Haha I hate it when it's with people that I don't even know. I feel ya on the spending money for your students thing. My mom does that ALL the time. Luckily, she gets a lot of stuff donated through Walmart.

  7. Loving that picture of the square pizza! It brings me back to elementary school! :)


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