WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday which means we're halfway through the week and that much closer to the weekend!
Can I get an "Amen" up in here??? :)

Since it's Wednesday, you know I'm linking up with Jamie and Michelle:

I'm loving that the weather hasn't been too chilly this week. By the afternoon, it's pretty nice as long as there's some sunshine out....upper 60's and low 70's is ok with me for easing into Fall!

I'm loving that I'm finally going to be part of the iPhone world! I ordered my phone this past weekend and am now eagerly awaiting the email to tell me that my iPhone has shipped. I already bought the case and the screen cover for it (which will sadly probably get to me before the actual phone does) and I can't wait!!!

I'm loving that this weekend is our friend's wedding--it will 100% be a fantastic time. It's going to be a total DC wedding, in beautiful places, with fun people. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

I'm loving the final part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and all of the drama that it brought with it. I'm also loving that Teresa was finally outed as being the snake that she is. I have no sympathy for people who can't accept their part in something and only pass the buck! You're a grown up--act like one!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest and all of it's awesome things!

This week I've been pinning....
Already have the boots...just need the shirt and blazer!

Love this idea for a centerpiece of Fall inspiration and colors!

I literally LOL'ed at this the other night

Enchilada Pasta Casserole   get in my tummy!!


Just a little bit of cuteness to send you on your way!
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What have YOU been pinning??
Happy Hump Day!!


  1. I'm excited for you about the iPhone! I love mine! Actually I have a huge crack in my screen and I'm still happy w it! Lol@ the dog text. I lol for real at that one.

  2. Hysterical text message. You will get to do that soon ;)!

    yay wedding!

  3. I will be in DC soon ;) Yay for getting an iphone! I love mine!


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