Tuesday Tip!

Today is MEGA gross out in the DC area. It's cloudy, rainy (sometimes downpouring) and just overall dreary and blah!
That little speck of sun is the only sun I've seen so far today, and probably the only sun that I'll continue to see since it's been monsooning already this morning. (Yay for covered walkways into and out of the building!)

So, to brighten up an otherwise gross grey day, I thought I'd give you guys a great tip that I discovered this weekend at a friend's house!

Red Wine

Sparkling pomegranate drink

an amazeballs delicious drink!

It actually tastes kind of like sangria, without the fruit in it. It cuts the strong flavor of a red wine down and makes it a bit sweeter (it also cuts down on the red staining of your teeth when you drink it--at least it didn't seem to make it too red when I had it this weekend). You can get the pomegranate drink from Harris Teeter if you have that in your area.

I think if you try it, you will like it!

And what better way to brighten up a gloomy day than with a delicious drink?


  1. I need a drink after my commute this morning.

    Come back sun!

  2. Sounds DEEEElicious!! Thanks for sharing:)


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