Weekend Recap and "Looper" Movie Review

Another Monday is here and I'm once again wondering "Where did the weekend go?"

It always goes by SO fast! And then another work week is here to greet us.


I think it always stinks worse when you've had a really fun weekend, and this was one of those for me. Friday night MG and I played it low key and went to the town center that's near our place (it still feels funny and fun to say "our place") and had a dinner date over sushi and drinks. Afterwards, instead of dessert, we stopped at a cheese boutique (cleverly named Cheesetique) and got some blue cheese and manchego cheese to bring home. They are delicious, and I don't anticipate them being around long (I am a cheese fiend. I could possibly have been a mouse in a previous life.) We watched Cabin in the Woods at home which was a comical horror. I wouldn't waste my time on that one.

Saturday we got up and hit the gym to move the fat cells around a little bit, grabbed lunch at Corner Bakery and ate outside since it was soooo nice out. Afterwards we took advantage of a living social deal for movie tickets that was going to expire and went to see Looper with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. I would recommend it, especially if you like movies that make you think a little bit--it keeps you intrigued about what's going to happen next, and thinking/wondering about how it's all possible. A MUCH better choice than the Master (awful awful awful). Go see it!

That evening we met up with two of our couple friends to celebrate a birthday for one of the guys. We hung out at one couple's apartment for a while and then headed to a local bar called Rooftop. We had an awesome time just hanging out, laughing about silly things and enjoying being around fun people.
MG and I
The girls
The birthday boy with his lady

The funny thing is, a year ago, we were all together celebrating this guy's 30th birthday (You can read about the awkward/humorous encounter that happened that night here). I was new to the group, didn't really know anyone well at all, and was enjoying the high of a new relationship. A year later and I've gotten to hang out and become friends with new people, and I still get a smile on my face when MG puts his arm around me.

Sometimes a year can make all the difference in the world between something bad and something good, and other times it just gives you a reference point for recognizing how long something has been wonderful. 

Anyway, enough sappy sappy! :) Sunday was spent being lazy and then running errands which included picking up a toy and cookies for Cooper's 4th birthday that's coming up this Thursday. My little pup is growing up so fast!

Errands also included a stop at Target where we encountered a guy picking up spilled Diet Coke cans from the curb as we were leaving. The box was blowing away so I went to get it for him and he said "That's not mine" so I said "Oh..." and started to walk away. He then said "Someone left this here but I'm not going to." Then the guy gathers about 7 cans in his arms and, instead of going to the trash can, he heads towards his car in the parking lot, leaving two cans behind and the box. I thought he had meant he was cleaning it up, not taking random cans that were left on the curb.

Don't get me wrong, I love Diet Coke. But, I draw the line of my love welllllll before I'd even consider taking cans that were left outside by a stranger. Weirdo.

This guy was, of course, parked right next to our car. And his van had "The Club" on the steering wheel (I seriously didn't even know people still had those). He was in a Target parking lot, in the middle of the day. I guess the guy who takes soda cans that were left behind by someone else is paranoid that someone is going to take from him? 

I'm becoming more and more convinced by the day that people are becoming less and less normal. 

And on that note, I'm off to educate the youth of America.
Catch ya later, tater!


  1. I laughed at the "fat cells moving around." Too funny! And that is definitely strange about the guy with the diet coke. I would not take it. haha

  2. Im so glad to see your sappy posts makes us single girls believe in love :)

  3. Sounds like a super fun weekend. Yay for fun with friends!


  4. I don't think that people in general are less normal, but I do think that the population of crazies is growing!! More population= higher number of loonies! I loved your idea of good reference points. It's so true!


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