Weekend Recap

Since I did my Minnesota recap yesterday I didn't get a chance to fill you in on the awesomeness that was my weekend, so I figured Tuesday was still close enough to the weekend to catch ya up!

Friday night MG and I went on a double date with a couple friend of ours who lives in our complex. We wanted to try out a new restaurant in Arlington called Fuego Cocina y Taquileria
The restaurant just opened at the beginning of October in what used to be Harry's Tap Room and Market Tavern. I hope Fuego lasts longer than the other two places did, because the food was really good!

The fireplace is a really cool addition to the dining room....just don't get seated next to it or you will start to sweat immediately. (Ask me how I know this.) Needless to say, we got our table moved so that the left side of my face didn't melt off.

Our server was nice, but not very attentive. He got my drink order wrong (I had wanted to try the twisted frozen margarita which was half traditional, and half hibiscus), and when I tried to tell him that he gave me the Lime, he was not paying attention and totally disregarded what I had said. Totally lame.

We ordered the guacamole and the quesadilla de jaiba (a quesadilla with crab meat) for appetizers and both were great. The only problem we had was with the chips not being sturdy enough to actually dip into the guac. But the guac itself was divine.

We then all ordered different variations of the tacos (the boys got two orders, and us girls only got one order each). We ordered the shrimp tacos, the fish tacos, the goat, and the steak and all were good except for the goat (according to the guys who tried it). The tacos were small, but perfect portions for us so that you didn't leave feeling overly stuffed. Each taco plate came with three different sauces....the middle was the habanero sauce which I kept my distance from. (The guys, of course, both had to try it...)

At the end of the meal we asked to see the dessert menu, so our waiter ran off to get it. About ten minutes later he came by, without the menu and said "I'll get your check and bring it to you"....um...ok. I guess no dessert for  us!

When we got our bill, the guys split the check and only when we left and were talking about the meal and what was paid did we realize that we got the wrong check. We were under-charged instead of over-charged tho. 

Overall, the food was good and the service was just ok. The drink I had wasn't that good, but it also wasn't the drink that I ordered. One thing that I did not like was that they charge you for extra baskets of chips. I don't know any restaurant that does that.

Would I go back? Yes, but if I got the same waiter, I'd ask for a different one.

Saturday MG went golfing with his buddies and I got caught up on all of the reality tv shows that were waiting for me on the DVR....and I ordered the iPhone5!!!! I can't wait until it gets shipped to me and I can finally become part of the iPhone world!
 That night, MG's friend K (from Minnesota) was in town since the Vikings were playing the Redskins on Sunday so we went out to Churchkey in DC to meet up.

It was a super fun night and it was really nice to get to know K even better after last weekend's trip. He also said that his son (little man) told him on the phone that he wanted to come and see me and MG, too. Super cute!

After a fun night, we headed back to VA to rest up for the Skins game that K got us tickets to. This time we got to watch the game from the very top of the stadium, which was still actually really cool. The game started off rough for the Skins but they rallied on and pulled off a win against the Vikings. I was torn when rooting since I want my Skins to win, but I also wanted K's guy to do well, too. I felt like I was cheering for someone the whole game.
Luckily the weather was absolutely gorgeous out (mid 70's, sunshine), and perfect for sitting in the sun and watching a football game. Especially one where your team wins :)

The entire weekend was awesome and, once again, flew by way too quickly!
Now I'm off to stare at my email and hope for a shipping notification from Verizon about my iPhone! :)


  1. sounds like an a-ma-zing weekend!

  2. LOVE guac! Hooray hooray iphone 5

  3. Oh my gah!! I am salivating … that guac looks amazing!


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