Friday's Letters

Man oh man, I can't believe it took Friday so long to get here! After a semi-busy week, you'd think it would have gone a bit faster but it surely did not for me!

Needless to say, I'm happy for the weekend. And I'm a little bummed that MG has off on Monday and we don't. Boo.
Time for some letters!


Dear Cough, please go away. You're really annoying, affecting my sleep, and you make people look at me like I'm gross. Go away! Dear iPhone, I love you, but I'm having a hard time figuring some things out. And I'm missing a couple of things from my Droid. Hoping it's just the transition phase! Dear MG, try not to brag too much from the warmth of the bed on Monday when I have to get up for work and you don't. I get it, it's payback for me having the summer off. (Maybe you can get my oil changed for me while you're off??? haha) Dear Thanksgiving, how the heck are you almost here already?? I hope my tentative plans end up working out (hang in there, I'll share with you guys soon!)  Dear Cooper, you need a haircut, but I love when you're a fluffy puff-ball. Decisions, decisions.... Dear Weekend, thanks for getting the temps back into the 60's for the weekend! It will make it that much better if MG and I decide to venture out to some wineries this weekend! Woohooo!

Hope you have a great, fun-filled weekend. And if you have a long-weekend.....

I'm jealous.


  1. i swear cooper gets his hair did more than any body i know. i'm totally jelly. what's with your iphone that you're having issues with? the only thing i missed going from droid to iphone was google maps.

  2. LOVE your new blog layout!! I have been so behind in blogging so I don't know when you changed it, but I definitely love it :)

    I hope your cough goes away! And I definitely agree about Thanksgiving being so close. Whatever.


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