Then and Now

Have you ever had those moments where you realize just how "advanced" we are? Or how different things were when we were little as opposed to how they are for kids nowadays? (I know I'm getting closer to 30, but being a kid wasn't THAT long ago)....

Things that I've noticed are different since growing up in the 80's and 90's....

1) Going to the Video Store to pick out a tape....a VHS tape....
Kids now don't even have any idea what a VHS is. I remember when going to Blockbuster on a Friday afternoon after school was super fun. You could browse all of the movies and pick out some for the weekend to watch at home. Now we either Netflix, On Demand or Redbox it.

Not only that, but I remember I used to have to set up my VCR (yeah I said it) to record my shows to watch. And if two shows were on at the same time? Better find another tv in your house with another VCR!

2) The Internet

Yes, we had the internet at some point while we grew up, (for me, in middle school) but it had just STARTED. And you needed to "dial up" and if you didn't have another phone line, no one could call you while you were online. Now we have wireless, high speeds, and instant connections. 

Remember AOL Instant Messenger? Remember the movie "You've Got Mail" (which, if you watch, makes you realize that this was NOT that long ago).

3) Airports
Remember when you used to be able to wait for the person who was coming to see you (or coming back home) AT the gate? Sure you still had to go through the metal detector and stuff, but I remember waiting for my mom to get back from trips and things and staring out the window waiting to see her plane. I also remember waiting with people before they left. Now it's "I'll drop you at the curb" or "I'll see you at baggage claim". 
Stupid terrorists.

4) Cell Phones
Remember when cell phones used to look like this and cost thousands of dollars a month to use?

5) "Paint" with Water books
You remember those books where all you had to do was wet the brush with water and you could "paint" a picture? 
Now, there's an APP for that!

You were cool if you had a boombox (or, later, a CD player):
And you could record music from the radio onto a tape to listen to later.
Now we've got iPods and iTunes.

7) Video Games
We didn't have 3D games. Or games that responded to our movement. 
We had computer lab day where we played Oregon Trail and used Kid Pix.

And just for fun...

There are SO many things that are different, I can't even list them all. And I'm not saying that these improvements haven't been amazing (because, let's face it, I'm as addicted to technology as the next person). But sometimes, I feel like kids have things a little TOO convenient. 

If things advanced this much in the last 15+ years, I can't even imagine what's next. Flying space cars, maybe?

What do you remember from growing up that is basically nonexistent or totally different these days?


  1. This is totally true. I was just thinking about those machines that just rewound VHS tapes. And you can't say "be kind, rewind" to kids, they have NO idea what rewinding is! And airports! My grandparents or parents would go sit with me at the gate until I boarded the plane. Then they'd stand at the window and wave to me as we took off! Oh those were the days.

    P.S. Going along with this topic: Have you heard about thew new Boy Meets World sequel series Girl Meets World? I am so excited!

  2. I loved Oregon trail and blockbuster! So much fun!

    Back in the day you couldn't 'sneak' on the internet when doing homework, that sucked.

  3. Omg, Jenn - reading this post made me feel SO old. But you're right - it really wasn't all that long ago (I'm 26). I totally remember playing the Oregon Trail game in the computer labs at my elementary school. I totally remember getting our first VCR and then collecting all the Disney movies on VHS. And, I remember being introduced to the internet in first grade. When the screens were still black, the text was green (I think) and there weren't pictures - at least not on the school computers at that point. I think you're right. Kids today do have it so easy. They are so overstimulated. Portable DVD players for dinners at restaurants, movies on car rides, handheld video games and more. It's like they've always got to have something to do - which is not necessarily a good thing. My sister and I grew up learning to entertain ourselves. Wish kids today could learn to be more self sufficient!

  4. This is an amazing post! I was just thinking about this yesterday when I was ordering Internet to be installed at my new apartment and they asked if I wanted standard and I was like sure and realized that it didn't mean wireless. I didn't know people even used dial up anymore!

  5. oh the difference between then & now. can't even think about what'll come in the next decade. yikes :/

    xoxo, Amy

    I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

  6. This was such a fun post! I love reminiscing. My how things really have changed. So crazy.

  7. Love this! So many great memories! Was that game called Perfection? I LOVED it!

  8. I remember ALL of this stuff! Seriously, being a kid was so much better when we were younger.

    And I was amazing at Perfection. Like, could do it in 30-45 seconds. I wonder how I would do now... Haha

  9. I remember all of these apart from the giant boombox and phone, and the airport thing! (But I never started going on aeroplanes until the 2000's.)
    I so miss going to the video store, I always used to get Annie - my mum now cringes when it comes on TV. All our rental places have been shut down in my town now because obviously no one needed to go there anymore. I feel so sad when I drive past the one we always used to go to, partly because it's now a funeral directors and partly because I remember the shop owners granddaughter was once in there being potty trained and no one gave a damn. Now someone would probably throw a fit and call the police.
    Oh and I remember being addicted to Mario on the Nintendo64.
    I hate growing up so much :( I've got just under two years left of being a teenager and then I think I'll be a wreck for the rest of my life because I'll feel like an adult then.


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