Weekend Update

I dunno about where you live, but in DC today it is foggy, drizzly and downright dreary. What a better way to start a Monday, right? (I hope you could sense my sarcasm there).

I actually had a pretty fun weekend, and looking back on it, it felt long, but still went by quickly. Does that make sense? (If it doesn't, I blame it on it being Monday).

Friday night MG and I tried out a new Mexican place near our place and holy Moses, they had the BEST salsa I've ever tasted in my life. MG and I got a container of it to go, it was so good (and then we basically added it to everything we ate at home that weekend lol). After our delicious discovery, we went on a double date with my girl P!nky and our men to Rock and Roll Bowling. Talk about a blast from Highschool Date Night past! We had a good time competing with each other while encouraging one another as we got back into our bowling "skills". I feel like my real challenge was trying not to have a seizure with all of the flashing neon lights going off everywhere tho haha.
Good wholesome fun!

Saturday the weather was SO nice that MG and I went for a hike at Great Falls National Park. It felt good to get in some exercise while soaking in mother nature and the pretty weather!

Later that night we had a group date scheduled with 3 other couples and this was an adventure for me (and a few others). One of the couples decided to get reservations at a Korean restaurant in DC. I've never had Korean food, and I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, but I did, and it was REALLY good!  We went to Mandu in DC (for you locals) and I had an order of the dumplings and then shared some of MG's bibim bap (which is just fun to say!) It was really delicious and my eyes were opened to a new style of food! Win!
 We spent the rest of the night in DC hanging out until we were too tired to stay out any longer.

Sunday was spent being lazy, running errands and trying to stay inside as much as possible since it was just as dreary and overcast yesterday as today has been. I did make another yummy meal in my crock pot, and I'm going to tease you with the picture now:
Crock Pot Pasta Fagioli. Stay tuned for that recipe coming next week!

I also celebrated a Redskins amazing win over the Ravens (battle of the beltway) and couldn't be more proud of my team for FINALLY looking like a professional football team. (It's only been about 30 years!)

And now, it's back to the Monday blues. I hope you had a fab weekend full of fun!


  1. I totally understand on the long/short weekend thing! I feel like I did a lot and got a lot accomplished, but it also went by very quickly. Totally grey and dreary here in SC too! Makes me want to go back to bed. And worst of all it's so humid!!! Ick.

    Salsa is one of my absolute most favorite things. Ever. I could eat a whole container of it with chips for lunch daily. Looking forward to your crockpot recipe!!



  2. Yay for double dates, so much fun!

  3. Sounds like a delicious weekend! We would have done the same with the salsa...we've been known to do with good queso!

  4. I am on the hunt for good Mexican in DC. What's the name of this place?

    xo, Emily

  5. I just found your blog through Sami's link-up! I'm from Virginia too :) Northern VA to be exact. And seriously, GO REDSKINS!!!!

    Happy to find a blogging "neighbor"! Can't wait to read more!


  6. I love Korean food! And I can't wait for you to post that crock pot recipe. We do lots of crock pot cooking in the winter!!

  7. Food looks delicious!!!
    Sounds like a great weekend :)

  8. Yes! You must share! I need more crockpot recipes.


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