Friday Letters

Oh my goodness, am I glad that Friday is finally here! (I guess this is no different than any other week tho!)
Time for some letters!


Dear Weather, thanks for making me feel like I'm living someplace nice and warm like San Diego recently. I really have no problem with that continuing so if you feel like being warm still, you go right on ahead!  Dear Christmas Tree, thanks for being a little happy bright spot (literally) in our condo. You make me feel the holiday spirit every evening when I plug you in! Dear North Face Coat, You are SO soft and fuzzy, and I love wearing you immensely but I don't like how you shed all over everything I wear. Wah. Dear Weekend, please help me to be productive in tackling my Xmas shopping. I obviously need some serious help since I have still completed 0% of my list. (No, I'm not missing a number in front of the 0. Sad face.) Dear Hard Times, thanks for having a fab deal on Thursdays. Half-price boneless wings and $5 for a mug of beer? It made for a delicious Thursday evening. Your deal is up there with half price pitchers of sangria on Thursdays. Between the two, Thursdays are pretty awesome. Dear Obnoxiously Loud Lady at Hard Times, control your alcohol. You were way too old to be that loud. How you are married, I have no idea. You know it's bad when the waitresses are commenting. Get your crap together, woman. Dear Loft, stop posting these amazeballs deals that I can't pass up. I really need to focus on others for my shopping now and the markdowns you keep having are making it quite difficult to focus, as evidenced by the two packages I got from you this week alone. After the two I got the other week #onlineshoppingproblem. Dear MG, you amaze me all the time. The fact that you went on Amazon and ordered over $100 worth of toys to donate is just another example of how big your heart is, and another reason why I love you as much as I do! Dear Friday, thanks for finally getting here!

Have a good weekend. Soak it up cuz you know it's gonna fly by!!


  1. i'm happy friday's here too! now come on 5pm!

  2. If you don't want cold weather, I'll send you Miami weather and you can send me yours. It's way to hot down here ): Ugh and I hope the weekend doesn not go by that quickly! Happy Holidays hun <3

  3. Yay friday, i know you've been dying for it all week.

    Christmas trees are so amazing :)

  4. I'm so glad it's Friday, too! Love your blog!

  5. My only disagreement is that I want cold weather and snow to make its way here :)


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