Friday's Letters

It's Friday, and I'm sending a big ol' TGIF out to ya!

We survived a full week of work! Hallelujah!! To celebrate, let's write some letters, shall we?

Dear Sailor Mouth, I'm really working on doing my best to get rid of the profanities that fly through my lips. Usually this is spurred on when I'm driving, but I've been catching myself more and more letting them slip out at random times (luckily work is not one of those places). MUST stop! Dear Mexico, I'm more than excited to be coming to visit you in less than a week (eek!). Please have warm weather, clear skies, and lots of sunshine ready and waiting for our arrival! Dear Homeland, your show has sucked me (and MG) in, and there's rarely a night that goes by that we don't watch at least 1-2 episodes. I'll be sad when we reach the end of Season 2.  Dear Target, it amazes me how you get me EVERY time I come in there. I went the other day for facewash and nail polish remover and left with far more items than just those 2. Your evil-genius gets me every time!  Dear J. Lo, get over yourself. Heard on the radio that you won't talk to people and make them talk to your assistant instead. Apparently you think it's beneath you? Wake up and realize, your poop stinks (hey, I said I'd stop cursing), just like everyone else's does. You're a dirtbag for acting like this. Dear gel manicures, I tried you over winter break (thanks, MG) and I'm in love. It was incredibly nice not to have to worry about having my nails chip seconds after getting them done. Totally getting you again, perhaps before Mexico! Dear Cooper, I envy you. I left you yesterday to go to work, and you were in this position, ready for another day of lazying around. #JealousOfMyDog
(The best part is, he climbed onto the chair himself, got behind the pillow, knocked it over, and then plopped himself down just like this in the chair.)

Dear Friday, thanks for finally making an appearance. I'll revel in you like I always do.

Whatever you're getting into, hope you have a rockin' weekend!


  1. Cooper totally has the life, I'd be jealous too.

    Woohoo Mexico, you're going to have such a fun time.

    Target, sooo goood but so badddddd ;)!

  2. lol i love coop. i want to trade just one day with him so i can lay on the couch like that and lick people to death ... wait ... that didn't come out right.

  3. target tends to do that to the best of us! there's maybe only been 1 or 2x in my life where i have walked out with ONLY what i went for.

    and i love gel manicures... just did them last night with my at home system and am in love with the results. definitely recommend the kit, as in the long run is cheaper than going to the salon!

  4. Whatever happened to good ol' Jenny from the block? Hate when people let fame and fortune go to their heads! And totally agree with you on Target. They have some creative geniuses in that store that know just had to weasel themselves into my wallet every time I go there. Most of the time, I just have to tell myself to stay away for the sake of my bank account!

    1. I went into Target to look for car mats and to get a birthday card. I left with a new shirt $3, sweater dress $10 and a blouse for myself, baby shower stuff and a diet coke! LOL they suck you in. I'm going tonight for more baby shower stuff. My wallet is screwed! lolHappy Friday

  5. i can never get out of target for under 50 bucks! and mexico?! oh la la! so much fun!


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