Funny kid stories

I have a little tale about the funny things kids say at my work.

Let's be real, one of the perks of working with kids is getting to witness some of the amazingly funny things that they say and share. This year has already given be some gems, so today I'm sharing two of them with you.

The first one happened today. I'm doing articulation therapy with a gir  in 4th grade and she's working on 'r's so I have her say the word and then put it into a sentence. One of the words she gets is "period" (do you already get a sense of where this is going?)

She says the word period 3 times, and then puts it into a sentence. This sentence:
"I have not gotten my period yet."

Most of my kids will say something about how a period goes at the end of the sentence.
Apparently the Family Life Education (sex ed) class is still in her mind from before break.


My other story is from when I went into the Preschool classroom one afternoon. I was waiting for one of my students to finish their lunch so I could test them. So I'm sitting at the lunch table, and one of the other students says, "Miss Jenn, milk comes from cows!"

To which I say, "You're right, it does!!"

And then another student at the same table chimes in and says....

"Milk comes from my mommy's nipples"

I proceed to try not to fall out of my chair laughing.

These are just some of the many reasons I love doing what I do!

Go link up with Trish to tell a tale of your own and entertain us! :)


  1. Kids sure say the darndest darndest things!

  2. LMBO milk comes from my mommy's nipples?! hahhahahah. love that.

  3. Haha that is great. I love hearing stories from my teacher friends. :)

  4. Those stories are adorable! I'm hoping that my Junior League placement will be volunteering with kids next year.


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