Guest Post: Shay at {sweet silver linings}

As I'm making my way to Mexico today, keep your fingers crossed that the travel goes smoothly. And since I'm gone, I thought it would be another perfect opportunity to have some amazing guest bloggers come and visit while I'm gone.

The first up is my girl Shay at sweet silver linings  She and I have become fast friends and talk all the time about what we'll do when we meet up eventually (cuz, let's be real, it HAS to happen!) Did I mention I'm flying through the Dirty Jerz on my way to Mexico?? (I'll wave at ya, Shay!) So, take a sec and read her guest post and then pop on over to her neck of the woods!

hi party people! 

i'm shay, and i blog over at a little sometimes neglected cozy spot called sweet silver linings.
i'm here to entertain you while miss jenn is away soaking up the sun on her vacay! 
(let's all say it together... "JEA-LOUS!")

even though jenn and i have yet to meet IRL, i already consider her a friend... 
i mean, we're already facebook friends, so how much closer can you get than that? right?

plus, jenn and i have a lot in common!
and no i'm not just talkin bout the
super GQ hotties by our sides...

or the super cute cuddly fur babies that we love to death and spoil rotten!
cooper & scooter!

or that we both HEART shopping!
(and have the credit card bills to prove it...)

our biggest common denominator...
we both like to partake in adult bevvies...
(via Thirsty Thursdays of course!)
(side note: don't these both look amazing?
jenn, if we ever have a blate, i say we make these!)

i kid. i kid.
in all honesty, i think this sums up the two of us perfectly.
with that said, come on over to my little piece of the blogosphere and say hi...
or fist pump. i am from jersey you know. #reformedfistpumper

i'll tell you all about the time i did the worst shot of my life...
what's on my bucket list...
the biggest surprise of my life...
and you can even see what happens when scooter is bad!

peace out cub scouts!


  1. Great post Shay, I love the drinks

    1. Thanks! :)
      don't those drinks look yummy!

  2. Great post! Your dogs are so cute and I loved the outfits you put together. The drinks look amazing too.

    1. aw, thanks!
      i def think cooper and scooter need a puppy playdate!


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