WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

How is it already Wednesday again? I especially mean that because I go back to work today.
Winter Break went by WAY too quickly!

Since I'm having a little bit of a tough time getting back into the work routine today, what better way to help get out of the funk than focus on some things I've been loving and pinning!

I'm loving this picture that MG and I took this past weekend. I've gotten so many comments and "likes" on it from my friends. It's definitely a new favorite :)
I'm loving my new black boots that I got over Christmas. I had been looking for a pair for SO long and finally found a great pair from Steve Madden. Happy, cute feet for me!

I'm loving the delicious feta dip that I made for the New Years party we went to the other day (Shari, you were totally right about this one!) It was a HUGE hit and couldn't have been easier. Recipe to come soon!

I'm loving that I had time over break to finish my book club book. Having the time to relax and just read was incredibly nice.

Like always, I'm loving Pinterest. 
This week I've been pinning...

Wish I'd had this dress for all of the holiday festivities

White Chicken Chili in the crock pot Must try this soon!

I've done some working out this holiday season...
What kind? I'll let you decide :)
Love this addition to a bathroom!

so cute
Now that it's after the holidays, I need to try this "cleanse" haha
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And now, it's time to get back into the real world routine again!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Totally trying that cleanse too! Haha.

    And that is a super cute pic!

    Good luck on your first day back!

  2. love that dog one! haha. sammie would not lay still enough for someone to do that to her. plus once she gets one sniff of the bones it's alllllll over.

  3. That dress is super pretty!


  4. Um, the wine opener 'holiday workout' would totally apply to me if I wasn't preggers right now. Hilarious! And, let me tell you, I am missing the wine.

  5. I can't wait for you to put up the recipe for the Feta dip.... That chili looks good also...... Happy New Year!!!!! Came over from WLW......

  6. Happy new year friend! I'm so happy you loved the dip. It is seriously amazing. :)

  7. Happy New Year! You guys are an adorable couple. That white chicken chili looks amazing and the dress is so cute. I wouldn't mind owning that ha.

  8. Swinging by from the link-ups! Cute pic of the two of you and that White Chicken Chili does look good! ;)

  9. That feta dip looks so tasty! Love the Pinterest finds!

  10. I saw that picture of you two on Instagram and I loved...you both look great!

  11. Very cute picture of you two! Found your blog via the Book Club Friday link up - love it!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Love that picture of you guys!!


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