Birthday Wishlist

You may have heard that this girl is having a birthday soon. 
A BIG, milestone birthday!
That's right, this chick is turning 30.
In fact, it's exactly one month away today. EEK!

But, rather than focusing on getting old and that stuff, I thought I'd take a few to let you all know what's on my birthday wish-list. You know, in case you wanted to make me feel better about being an old lady! :)

First on the list is this Karma necklace from for $56
I've had my eye on this guy for a loooooong time (we are talking a few years, people), but I've never sucked it up and just bought it. I dunno why. I just haven't.

Next on my list is this cute dress that I saw at Lulu's for $39.
I think it's a super cute summer-y dress, and I would totally wear this all the time. Maybe even on my Spring Break trip! (more on that later tho... :)
**Update: I purchased this myself due to an email about a sale on the website. It's arriving today!**

And, because I love my Redskins (p!nky, look away!), I reeeeally want an RG3 shirt. I won't get greedy and ask for a jersey. Just a shirt.
That's not too much to ask, right? 

TOMs Brown Gisele Leopard-print Ballet Flats (man, that was a mouth-full), size 9, $89.
I love my regular pair of Toms (in fact I'm wearing them as I write this post.) A friend of mine has this pair and in person, they're SUPER cute. And I want them. Please?

I've been obsessed with getting new fashion scarves lately. I love pairing them with different outfits to dress them up and bit. Plus, in this cold weather, it's nice to have a little extra something to keep me warm. I love these two guys from Target for $15

Aren't they cute??

And, for my big ticket item....I really want a black Coach purse. I have a brown/tan one of these and I just love it. To have a black one would be perfect!
It's the Madison Signature Maggie purse in black from Coach. I've seen it ranging from $140-$190 on ebay. This would be my splurge item if I were to buy it for myself.

So, that's it. Not TOO crazy and out there, right? I mean, you only turn 30 once!

What would be on your birthday wishlist?


  1. I love Dogeared jewelry but I have yet to by myself any!

  2. That purse is pretty awesome :)!

    Girl, buy that necklace you've wanted it forever! And you'll wear it a ton so don't worry about the price :)!

  3. That necklace is so cute! I love dainty necklaces like that. And I'm the same way-- I'll stare at something I want forever and never buy it. Lol. I finally (after YEARS of wanting one) told my mom that I wanted the Hobo Lauren clutch, so she got it for my birthday last year. Haha.

  4. Love that neckclace. And the dress, and the scarves and the shoes!

  5. I cannot get enough of Dogeared. I have had a few little necklaces from there over the years and they're consistently my fave pieces. Just bit the bullet and get it, you won't be sorry.


  6. I have wanted a classic Coach like that for years, and just never bought one! Hope it shows up on your doorstep this year for your big day:) And, I am loving that dress - super cute! You sound just like me. I make wishlists for family and then end up buying things off it myself because I can't resist sale prices!!!

  7. Sounds like a great list...hope the beau is paying attention ;) You deserve ALL of it for your special birthday!

  8. Very cute dress! I feel like that necklace has been on your list before..


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