Friday Happenings

I've been catching some interesting things in the news arena lately. And I'm not talking about your everyday, run-of-the-mill news.
 What better way to start a Friday than with some fun stuff going on that you might not have heard about elsewhere?
Do you have your Friday Fun Pants on? Well, go put them on and let's get to it!!

Did you know that in Japan, there's a special day called Beloved Wives Day, where husbands shout out their love for their wives? They also celebrate by making the wife a lunch. How cute is that? It's like a little Valentine's Day, especially for the lady folks (like Valentine's Day isn't already for the ladies haha).
The day happens to be January 31st, so for any men reading (or women who wanna sneak this into convo with their men), you can start prepping for next year! Get that lunch box ready!!
(I couldn't find the audio that I originally heard for this, but it's pretty funny to picture.)

Next up....
Have you seen this video, where the news reporter "shames" a video-bomber down in New Orleans? It's pretty freaking entertaining! Let's just say that STD's are mentioned.!

I give big ups to the news reporter for her quick-thinking. I'm sure she was dealing with a load of drunkies down there, and this was how she decided to exact her revenge. Priceless.

And then there were pennies...

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You've probably seen it on Pinterest, just like I did, but like me (probably), you never actually thought to do it. Gluing pennies to your floor. 60,000 pennies no less. Talk about having time on your hands.
Something about putting bare feet on a bunch of cold pennies doesn't really do it for me. But, props to this couple if that's what they like. They obviously have more patience and time (and less sanity) than I do!

And finally, since this weekend is the SuperBowl--the battle between the 49ers and the Ravens--lots of places have been having animals pick the winner. Why? I dunno. Why not? It's funny.
In Galveston, TX monkeys have apparently picked the 49ers as the winners.
On the Jimmy Fallon show, a bunch of puppies picked the Ravens as the winners (check out the video within the link--it's pretty cute).
Who do you think will win? Me? I don't really care. I just want some yummy SuperBowl food! 

Have a great weekend, and try not to video-bomb any news reporters, or you might be the next face of STDs! 

Peace out, girl scouts!


  1. Love the reporter! So great! I would love to see what the men cook for lunch! What a fun holiday!!

    1. Linny, I tried to respond to your comment via email, but it bounced back.
      Hope you have a good Friday!

  2. Any holiday where a dude has to tell me how much he loves me is awesome.

    WHY don't we have that here?!!?

  3. I can get in on Beloved Wives Day! Go RAVENS!!

  4. I want a holiday where my man shouts out his love for me and makes me lunch. But particularly the shouting bit. That sounds like fun:) And, I'm sorry - that floor looks cool - but I could have done a lot with those 6000 pennies. They should have donated them to me instead. My shopping fund could have used a little boost:)

  5. HOnestly, let's just let puppies make every decision for us. it's so stinkin' cute.

    Happy Weekend friend!

  6. I heard about that Japanese holiday on the radio this morning!! Gotta admit-- it sounded like a good idea to me. :) The penny people are crazy. That's way too much work!


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